Maerry Bedan X'mas '02

21 Dec 2002, Los Angeles CA. Mae Cendaña -- our Ambivalent Crowd/Balahibo Rock Band - Blackgold/Vicor veteran soloist -- was again the featured entertainer during the Christmas Ball hosted by San Beda College High School Class of '75 Southern California alumni. Held at the La Canada Flintridge Country Club -- tickets were sold out weeks before the event. Congratulations!

Mae and her Bedan buddy, Geo Sityar.

"I'm comin' up… so you better get this party started…!" Mae energizes the party with a song from Pink, and more! Joining her on stage were the "Britney Spearhead" and "N'SiNk" dancers -- children of Bedans.

Mae and "Mischievous Boyz2Men" sing a romantic Christmas tune.

The Boyz say "It ain't over 'til the group picture...with Mae!"

Before heading back to the Bay Area, Mae visited our recuperating batchmate Marissa Maceda. L-R: Marissa's youngest, Julia; Marissa; Mae; Geo and Mae's daughter, UC Berkeley sophomore Dae.

(Top and bottom photos courtesy of Mae. Others from, including captions. Thanks!)

Mae Sushifest!

18 May 2002, Chatsworth CA. SBC HS75 hosted a birthday bash honoring May celebrants, including First of May celeb herself, our very own Mae Cendaña! Here's Mae's inside story.

Hi Classmates,

I had a great time in LA last week when I celebrated my birthday with 2 boys from the San Beda Batch HS '75 group on Saturday, May 18. The Sushi Fest/Kimono Bash was a blast. Iba talaga magpa-party ang mga Bedans. Seph Yu converted his den into a KTV pub complete with platform, lights and standing mikes. George Sityar made Ikebana flower arrangements and the celebrants had kimonos and Japanese head bands...O, deevaa??? The food prepared were tempura, teriyaki, robatayaki, soba and of course, sushi! We had Kirin beer, sake and the bartender (Seph) was serving Fuzzy Navels all night long. You should have been there!

"It was another rousing success for the crrrass of SBCHS75-So.Carr. In an atmosphere that rivarrrs an episode of Iron Chef, cerrrebrants Joseph Yu fried tempura whire Mae Cendaña rorrred sushi, and our Magic Chef Butch G commandeered the Hibachi as he grirrred teriyaki steak and chicken." (Photos and captions from Thanks!)

My schedule was tight and I didn't get to call anyone from our SoCal group--- my apologies, really. Marisa's husband Romy was also indisposed so Marisa couldn't come to the party, either. However, I was able to meet with some "Missing in Action batchmates". See top photo! Truth is, I think you'd prefer them to be lost than found. The picture was taken when I joined them in their LA Turn-Around Party last January but they still look the same. It took a while for them to give permission to share their photos --- mahiyain daw kasi sila. :o)

All for fun, fun for all. To our US-based classmates, Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


Rock 'n Roar Christmas

Mae Cendaña, our San Francisco-based Ambivalent Crowd and Balahibo Rock Band alumna, headlined the San Beda High School Class of 1975's Christmas Ball at the La Canada Flintridge Country Club in Southern California on 1 Dec 2001. Also present were our SPCM HS'75 batchmates, NYC's Ching Llagas and LA's Marissa Maceda.

The Total Entertainer that she is, Mae did it all so impeccably well -- sang, danced and entertained all night! To set the mood for the season, she led the Bedan carolers with a "feel-na-feel" rendition of "Have yourself a Merry Christmas".

Ching's Scoop!

Dear Classmates,

The San Beda Ball was a big success, a warm congratulations to their organizers, most especially to their over all director, George Sityar and manager, Joseph Yu. I decided to fly to the west coast for so many reasons. One, I have this frequent flyer miles that needed to be used. Two, I have not been to the west coast for the past 10 years. Three, I wanted to prove to myself that life must indeed go on after the September 11 terrorist attack on New York. Fourth and most importantly, I wanted to show support to Mae and our Bedan friends who has kept the friendship going after all these years.

All I can say is Marissa, Mae and I felt like 16 again, twas like preparing to go to a soiree or a party, but this time to a ball. A week before, we were discussing via email what to wear since it's formal and two days before, we were talking about having our nails polished during our lunch hour at work. We exchanged emails probably 6 to 8 times the day before I left for LA. Mae was going to pick me up at the airport with either George, Bubut or Seph. It was only George who really knew that I was flying to LA, they all thought that they were picking up someone else. Anyway, when I got off the plane before I claimed my luggage, I went to the rest room first. Little did I know that Seph did the same thing after he parked his car. So what happened was, we saw each other on our way out of the rest rooms. Surprise, surprise!!!! And the rest is history....

Friends among friends... our 3 Paulinians -- Ching, Mae and Marissa -- with their Bedan hosts -- Geo Sityar, Seph Yu, Butch Guitarte, Joe Padua, and Ces Anonas. Also in the photo is Marissa's hubby Romy Jaramillo.

Saturday, Dec 1. Mae and I started dressing up for the ball at about 2 PM since we have to be at the venue early. We are riding with George, the overall producer and director of the show. Like 27 years ago, Mae and I checked on each other's make up, hair and garb but this time we also have to check on flabs and some wrinkles on our faces. Mae looked fantastic in her black gown. If you like to lose pounds, ladies....think of Mae. You have to wonder how she maintained that youthful figure after all these years. Then you get mad and say you can do it, too! Tell me if it works. Let her be our inspiration.

At the ball, it was nice to see the "boys" and their spouses all dressed up. The "boys" in their tux and their ladies in beautiful gowns. Marissa Maceda came with her husband Romy. It was our second time to meet since our silver jubilee ball at the Polo Club. This time we were all more familiar with each other and we joked all throughout the night. All I know is we all danced to the sound of Electric Slide altogether with gusto.

Regarding Mae's performance.....she hasn't lost her touch. Mae just charmed the audience with her song and most especially her revealing and sexy gown. She sang 4 songs. The first one is Captain and Tenille's "Do That To Me One More Time", then followed by a recent hit called "Hit 'Em Up In Style by Blue Cantrell" (which delighted the teenagers in the audience) and then the Donna Summer Medley. Sa Donna Summer Medley, there were 4 couples who danced a choreographed number while she sang. It was really a very entertaining humber. Her last song was with the Bedans and it was a Christmas song, "Have yourself a Merry Christmas". Sa last song, wala na ang cape, the gown was now accentuated with a pair of long black gloves. Very dramatic ang dating and very touching ang song.

All in all, the Bedans did a great job. The honored guest of the evening is their Spanish teacher and 2 other Bedan priests (Fr. Pio and Fr. Ed) plus one more from their batch, Fr. Lucas. Fr. Lucas, he is such a riot....ask Mae. Parang hindi pari, he made me laugh so hard yet he can be so warm. My achievement of the evening....I was given general absolution (?) by Fr. Ed so now I can receive Holy Communion without going to confession. Before I forget, we and the Bedans had a common song. They also sang "SOMETIMES" as their graduation theme song in high school. We sang the same song during our songfest in high school and during our Silver Jubilee. And the wives, they were there to support their hubbies, in their beautiful gowns. It goes to show really that behind every successful man is a woman.

So that's it for now... Hope you all have a nice holiday. Maligayang Pasko sa inyong lahat.


Old buddies. Ching was escorted by Seph during the '74 SPCM Santacruzan (from SPCM HS'75 Yearbook)...

...Geo was SPCM HS Glee Club choreographer in '78 when we won 2nd place in the San Beda Choral Competition. Photo was taken in Oct '01 when, as Mae wrote, "George visited (me) at the same time Dr Michelle So '78 was in SF. After a spicy Thai lunch, we cooled off at legendary Fentons's Ice Cream in Piedmont. As you can see, we were watching our diets and so, ended up sharing a banana split...! ;o)" L-R: Lisa Cendaña '78, Mae, Geo, and Michelle. Fast fact: Cendaña sisters Mae '75, Lisa '78, Audrey '79, and Michelle '80 were all SPCM HS Glee Club Presidents during their Senior years!

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