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2004 St Paul Centennial Raffle






Working together as one Paulinian community, the St. Paul Manila Alumni Foundation, with the 2004 Jubilarian classes, officially launched the St. Paul Centennial Raffle last April 22, 2003 during the meeting with alumnae batch representatives at SPCM. Indeed, this project is a major effort that will involve various sectors of the St. Paul community not just in homecoming preparations for 2004, falling as it does within the 100th year celebration of the St. Paul of Chartres Congregation in the Philippines, but raise funds as well for the SPC Vigil House, Our Lady of Peace Hospital, the Alumnae Association, individual batch projects and the museum project of SPCM.


NEW DRAW DATE: January 25, 2004




First Prize

Toyota Corolla Altis

Second Prize

Kitchen Showcase worth P100,000.00


Waters Bio Mineral Pot with Hot and Cold Dispenser


15 pcs. AMC Stainless Steel Cookware (from Germany)

Third Prize

NEOS Mineral Water System Model HD200 worth P13,000.00

Fourth Prize

Furniture and Home Accessories Package worth P10,000.00


from Furni Shop (MC Depot, Ortigas) and Substance (Festival Mall, Alabang)

Consolation Prizes

20 small appliances


For further inquiries, kindly contact for Veronica of the SPCM Alumnae Office (Tel. 523-4259) or Chiqui Escareal-Go of HS Class ’79 Silver Jubilarian (Cell. 0917-537-3490).







May 15, 2003


Dear  Fellow Paulinians,


On January 25, 2004, we will hold our traditional annual General Alumnae Homecoming at the St. Paul College of Manila campus.  The celebration will be special and doubly significant because aside from January 25 being the feastday of St. Paul, 2004 marks the 100th year of the St. Paul de Chartres Congregation in the Philippines.


The silver jubilarian class hosting the homecoming is High School Class of 1979.  Celebrating with them are the other jubilarian classes of both college and high school levels, as  follows:  1934, 1939 and 1944 (diamond), 1949 (emerald), 1954 (golden), 1959 (sapphire), 1964 (ruby), 1969 (coral) and 1974 (pearl).  Together with the alumnae association, they have been meeting regularly to plan and map out the details of the preparations that will ensure the success of our homecoming.


The homecoming show as conceptualized has the theme “Living the Paulinian 5C’s” (core values:  charity, commission, community, charism, cross-glory).  The show will highlight the history of the St. Paul de Chartres Congregation in the Philippines and of St. Paul College of Manila, interspersed with significant events in Philippine and world history with particular emphasis on development of the arts during those times and depicted in song and dance by the jubilarian classes.  The show hopes to bring back the days when St. Paul College of Manila was known as the “Broadway of Herran.”  Other highlights will include the recognition of: (1) St. Paul nuns celebrating their jubilee year, (2) the Paulinian 5C awardees and (3) loyal SPCM staff members who have and continue to serve the Paulinian community.



In tandem with the preparations for the homecoming program is a fund-raising project dubbed the “St. Paul Centennial Raffle” which aims, in one fell swoop, (1) to raise the amount to support the homecoming celebration, (2)  to provide our alumnae association with much needed funds so it can serve our alumnae better,  (3) to donate a sum for the museum project of our alma mater;  (4) to donate a sum for the construction of the new St. Paul Vigil House for our elderly nuns and  (5)  to donate a sum for Our Lady of Peace Hospital administered by Paulinian nuns led by Sr. Eva Fidela Maamo, SPC, MD  with Fr. James B. Reuter, S.J.


A project of this magnitude can hopefully get the entire Paulinian community working together for a cause.  What’s more, you get the chance to win a Toyota Corolla Altis, the grand prize!  A raffle ticket costs only P200 and each booklet (20 tickets) sold comes with a free raffle ticket. 


For a minimum of five (5) booklets sold, your batch will get a 20% commission thus you can make this your class’ fund raiser too.  Duration of the raffle is from April 22 to September 15, 2003.  Raffle draw is on October 25, 2003, the formal launch of the centennial celebration of the St. Paul de Chartres Congregation in the Philippines.  There are tentative plans to hold a bingo social at the SPCM quadrangle on the day of the raffle draw. (SPCM HS’75 note: In her message sent to the SPCM HS’75 egroup on 7 Oct 2003, PAAM External VP/Ways and Means Committee Chair  Sunny Escareal-Velasco HS’75 wrote “By popular demand, it was decided to postpone the raffle to January 25, 2003 to give the other batches more time to sell. This new date will coincide with the 2004 SPCM General Alumnae Homecoming”. For more info, please email Sunny at, Thanks!) 


We have formed two (2) committees: the Homecoming Committee and the Fundraising Committee to see the projects through.  Rosanna Escareal-Velasco HS‘75, PAAM 1st Vice President, chairs the Board’s Ways and Means Committee with Carolina Escareal-Go HS’79 as co-chair. Elnora Aquilizan-Duran HS’64 chairs the Board’s Homecoming Committee with Nadine V. Niguidula HS’79 as co-chair.  Our secretariat c/o Veronica Villanueva BSC ’81 may be reached at Tel. Nos.  523-4259 or 524-5687 loc. 229.


We therefore ask each jubilarian class to designate two (2) representatives of your batch, one for each committee. The committee members will meet once a month from hereon, every third Tuesday from 2:00 P.M. to 4:00 P.M. at the SPCM Conference Room A.


Meanwhile, for the non-jubilarian classes, we ask your  much needed help for our fund-raising project.  We also ask, this early,  that you  reserve January 25, 2004 in your calendar and plan to be with your fellow alumnae on homecoming day.


Let us give these projects our wholehearted support.  Together we can make this fundraiser a huge success and provide for all our intended beneficiaries.  Together we can ensure that Homecoming 2004 will be another wonderful, memorable and joyous occasion for all alumnae, teachers and nuns, families and friends.


Thank you and we look forward to all of us working well together.


Very truly yours,


/signed/                                                                                                 /signed/

MARITES GUIDOTE-AGUIRRE, HS’66, AB’71                              CAROLINA ESCAREAL-GO, HS’79

President, Paulinian Alumnae Association of Manila                               Chairperson, SPCM HS Class of `79




Endorsed by:




President, St. Paul College of Manila


(Info courtesy of Nadine Niguidula HS’79. For more info on 2003 SPCM Homecoming and SPC Philippine Centennial activities, she can be reached at


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