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19 Feb 2004: Rocky Yupangco was in Manila for a super-quick break from the cold Minneapolis-St Paul winter. As always, she made time to catch up with batchmates including Dettie and Dolly Tesoro, Sunny Escareal and Marisa Martinez below. (Thanks for the photos, Rocky!)

Sunny, Dettie, Rocky and Dolly.

Rocky wrote:

Ladies, thought I'd share the pics taken in Manila while I was there for a short visit. Photos were taken Feb 19th at Sunny's and at a Teriyaki restaurant at the Festival Mall in Alabang.


Rocky, Dettie and Marisa Martinez.

SUNNY, as usual, TY for your time and the tsismis and helping me to catch up on all things Paulinian

Hugs from Minneapolis with an above O degrees temp,


October 2002 Get-togethers:

Rocky's R&R

Night-out with Shella

Lunch with Sr Miriam Updated!

Rocky's October R&R!

19 Oct 02, Tequila Joe's Restaurant, Makati City.

Batchmates get-together with vacationing Rocky Yupangco -- our Chicago-based Marketing Services Manager of Tetra Pak's BACC Communications. A multibillion-dollar company, Tetra Pak has four business areas -- carton chilled, carton ambient, plastics, and processing. Rocky's in charge of marketing all carton-chilled packaging products worldwide, and spends most of her time traveling on business all over the planet. Tetra Pak is of course the #1 food and beverage packaging systems company on earth; in 2000, it distributed 200 million containers in 150 countries -- daily!

Attendees: Dolly Tesoro, Sunny Escareal, Corby Balda, Yambi Yambao, Rocky Yupangco, Marisa Martinez, Pinky Marquez, Zamby Arnaiz.

Sunny wrote:

Our lunch with Rocky was great. We were nine all in all - Rocky, Yambi, Zamby, Myrna, Corby, Marisa M., Pinky, Dolly and myself. Had lunch at Tequila Joe's. Florian was not able to follow cuz of car usage problems. Malu Lontok had a 1 p.m. appointment in Ateneo while Janette had a golf tournament.

With our batchmate, Myrns Soriente MD.

Anyway, we had fun talking about the jet-setting life-style of the very busy Rocky Y. And we all asked her to hire us as her personal assistants and translators. Type na type daw kasi ni Yambi iyong once a month trip abroad plus gazillions of domestic flights in and around the US of A. Kaya't sa sobrang busy ni Ms. Rocky, she applied as her advance party. Tipong "Hi, Good Morning. Ms. Rocky is running a little late but will be here in around 15 minutes. In the meantime, we were sent over to entertain you with some songs by Ms. Pinky Marquez which will be vidoed by our very own, Ms. Sunny Velasco. Of course, if you have anything to import from the Philippines, please feel free to discuss the matter with Ms. Rocky's Import Export Expert - Ms. Dolly Tesoro. Of course, when in Spain and Latin America, Ms. Marisa Martinez will act as her Spanish Translator while our half-Korean friend, Ms. Zamby Arnaiz will be her personal assistant while in Asia. I am Yambi Yambao, her personal assistant in America." Say niyo? Eh di lahat kami may trabaho.

That's all for now. Will wait for Rocky to announce the other plans we were making. One is very special.


Alabang Night-out with Shella

28 Oct 2002, Muntinlupa City. Special guest: NJ's Shella Navarro.

Attendees (clockwise from left): Zamby Arnaiz, Janette San Juan, Shella Navarro, Beth Reyes, Malu Santos, Dettie Tesoro.

Sunny's report:

We finally were able to track down Shella thru Malu Santos alias McGarret (Hawaii Five-O) and decided to have dinner at Alabang. First had dinner at Red Crab with Malu, Janette, Beth Reyes, Shella, Dettie and moi. Then we all transferred to Veritas for coffee and wine. Zamby joined us there. Shella came home to visit her mom.

With Sunny Escareal, SPCM HS'75 Foundation President.

Shella is even thinner now than when we saw her during the homecoming and this she credits to Yoga. Naku! Sabi namin ni Ma'am Malu, hindi ata uubra sa amin iyang pag-papayat na iyan. Umpisa pa lang, mag-tatawanan na kami. But it is true that for those who are into it, it will really help. Well, maybe, when we find the time, we might be able to do this. Teka, I remember, that when Rocky came over, she also was into this Pilatos thing (tama ba iyon?) You guys over there are really getting to be health freaks, huh? Talo pa kami dito where we all should be having more time to go to the gym or spa or whatever. Kami pa itong puro matataba. Oooops! Except si Ms. Zamby. Payat na and wearing hanging blouses pa. Say niyo?

A nurse, two realtors and their Halloween toys... Shella is an ER nurse in Newark, NJ... a successful Los Angeles realtor, Malu is now semi-retired and sells houses on the side in Manila.... Janette San Juan-Hernandez (0917-5370794 / is immediate past National President of the Real Estate Brokers Association of the Philippines (REBAP).

Anyway, back to Shella. She agreed to bring 15 yearbooks to the States and with that, tapos na ang distribution natin. Hope that everyone gets to see the yearbook before year-end.

Lunch with Sr. Miriam

30 Oct 2002, Bistro Remedios, Manila. Special guest: Sr Miriam, SPC.

Sunny's account:

I got to see Sr. Miriam - our grade school principal who was in Manila for a visit. She told me to pick her up at Malvar. So I thought she was at the Sisters' home in Malvar street. I kept ringing the doorbell only to find out that she was sitting on the other side of the street near the security guard. The guard had to rush to the other side to tell me that Sr. Miriam was waiting for me.

Our former SPCM grade school teacher, Sr Miriam, with Sunny and her mom, Mrs Amelia Escareal. Now 81, Sr Miriam is a consultant at Saint Paul University in Tuguegarao.

Had lunch with her along with my mom and sister Chiqui at the Bistro Remedios. My mom and Sr. Miriam were so happy to see each other again after all these years and swapped stories about what it was like when my mom had to go to SPCM to enroll all 7 children at one time (including my brother who went there for kindergarten.) The first thing she said to my mom "You're still beautiful." And my mom is now nearing 75 years.

Sr. Miriam still looks beautiful and that's because she has Jesus in her heart. "How can you have Jesus in your heart and be masungit? Cannot be. Kaya ako, I always make it a point to smile at everyone and that keep me looking young." Nakakatuwa nga si Sr. Miriam when she makes kwento about her experiences in Tugegarao where she has been assigned since the 1990s. One particular story I liked was when she refused to kick out two of the students who had rallied against the school and she stood by them until the end. After so many years, one of them, who had already graduated and was working already, came back and asked her why she did not kick them out? Sr. Miriam said that if she did, then they would never have finished schooling. Besides, she said that she took care of them in the name of Jesus. And then she said that when she got there, no one greeted her. Eh diba, tayo sa SPCM, lahat ng nakaputi, we have to greet. So she made it an effort to greet everyone and soon, everyone responded to her in the same manner.

Sr Miriam also met with SPCM HS'76 Paulinians including (l-r) Tavi Villapando ('76 Chair), Vivian Recio, Agnes Cayco and Shankee Sancianco. In addition to helping the retired and ailing nuns at the SPC Vigil House, '76ers are also trying to raise scholarship funds for Education students of St Paul University, a project of Sr Miriam. Anyone who can help the '76 ladies in their community outreach endeavors may call Shankee at Thanks!

Anyway, it was such an experience listening to her. Everything seems so at peace with Sr. Miriam. Hindi ka talaga pwedeng magalit sa iba when you hear her out. Her patience in dealing with teachers, students and nuns alike is amazing. I wish all school administrators are like her. Then maybe the students of this generation will have a chance at a better future and developing stronger values. Oh, well, wishful thinking.

We brought her back after lunch and found out that she was staying at the old cloister. Told her that I finally was able to enter the cloister when Sr. Luisa allowed us to go up to take pictures and the main entrance was locked. Did not get to their sleeping quarters though, doon lang sa staircase going up to the chapel. BTW, they are fixing up the first floor of the chapel to make way for the museum. And the Botong Francisco mural was removed from the Auditorium for safekeeping. The Alumnae Association had one fantastic face-lift. Airconditioned na and bigger space. Daming nangyayari sa SPCM ano? Anyway, we left Sr. Miriam at the entrance and she kissed us all good-bye and all this time, she was smiling. She promised to keep in touch with us when she comes home to Manila.

(Photos courtesy of Rocky, Shankee and Sunny. Thanks!)

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