Welcome home, Adie and Ann!

15 June 01. Sydney-based Adie de Villa was in town! Marisa Martinez and Sunny Escareal spent a memorable afternoon with her.

24 Jun 01. Ann Rabe and family recently relocated to Canada! On hand to welcome her was our classmate Mona Trinidad.

Nadine de Villa in Manila

Sunny's scoop:

Nadine, or Adie de Villa was our classmate in Grade School. She was also our Grade School Student Council President. If she hadn't transferred to St. Scho for high school, she would probably have been our HS Student Council President, instead of moi. Well, that would have been nice cuz that would have meant she would have all the headaches of doing the homecoming instead of me. But no regrets, still had fun doing that anyway.


She was in town for 2 weeks to take care of her mom who had an eye operation. Over the phone, she sounded serious being an operations manager of a big Australian government institution engaged in housing. Anyway, Marisa Martinez and I met up with her and had fun reminiscing about SPCM and De La Salle days.

She lent me a picture of our Kindergarten play that showed the Siamese dancers which included Maisa Enriquez, Regina Goni and Lia Jovellanos. She also lent me a Field day Presentation picture that had Annabelle Isaac, Patty Hidalgo, Marilen Reyes, May Gaite and Edith Rianzares. (See photos below) Nakakatuwa. (Click here for more grade school shots.)

Then we got to talking about La Salle. There was this guy you decided to tell our fortunes. He said that one of us will not marry, one will marry and the other one will marry twice. So Adie and I looked at each other and said "O sigue, Sino sa atin and dalawa ang asawa?" Adie said "Ikaw siguro. I just got married." And I said, "Iyang mga late bloomers nga ang dalawa ang asawa." So we told Marisa "Sigue na Marisa, Get married na so that the hula will not happen."

Funny thing was that more than 5 years ago, I took a picture of the three of us in Adie's house and then I took another picture of us in the same spot. (See top photos.). Alam n'yo bang, halos walang pinag-iba? So, does that mean na we didn't age or does it mean, walang improvement? See for yourself. (One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn't belong.) Well come to think of it, I guess we all gained weight a bit and my hair nag-fly-away.

(Photos courtesy of Sunny. Thanks!)

Ann Rabe in Canada!

SPCM HS'75 VIPs: Mona Trinidad-Millena and Ann Rabe-Zulueta - Vancouver's Incomparable Paulinians! Ann, welcome to North Am.

(Photo was taken during a party celebrating the 5th birthday of Monica, Mona and Miles Millena's youngest child and only daughter.)


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