Anna Nicasio's Recovery: Power of Love and Prayer

1 Jul 02: Sad news

23 Jul 02: Stage 3 coma

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5 Dec 02: Sweet 16 and beyond

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Sweet 16 and beyond

From: Maria Mondejar Nicasio '78

To: SPCM HS Paulinians

Sent: 5 Dec 2002 12:13:59 EST

Subject: Anna's 16th birthday

anna celebrated her sweet 16 party last friday, 11/29. it was a blessed affair full of love and happiness. everyone had a wonderful time. despite our tragic experiences, we truly have much to be thankful for. our families and friends came through and true during our time of need. they remain to be supportive and loving even during our happier times. i guess that's what families and friends are for.

anna is continuing her recovery with much determination. she received another series of botox treatment on her birthday, 11/20 and we've since observed marked improvement. she started serial casting of her right foot on tuesday. her changed medication has also reduced greatly the tightness she experiences due to her brain injury, thus making her attempt to perform with more ease fine motor skills with her right hand. i truly believe that december will be a good month for her enabling her to prepare for a hopeful and rejoiceful new year.

thanks so much. i'm in at awe with the support that i've received from everyone, especially my fellow paulinians.

best regards,

Maria Nicasio

Anna's Sweet 16 Photos

The Nicasios five months after the accident. That's Anna and her Dad dancing the merengue above, as she earlier promised.

Anna and friends, with proud Mom in the middle.

Back to school!

From: Maria Mondejar Nicasio '78


Date: Sun, 2 Feb 2003 23:01:54 EST

i would like to take this opportunity to update everyone on anna. it's been over 7 months since my children's horrific car accident. carlos as you all know has recovered remarkably well. he is back to his hectic regimen of school, band (school jazz and garage group with his friends where he plays the bass), wrestling, breakdancing and of course girls. his pelvic fractures are completely healed and he has not shown any residual effects of his brain injury. anna too is recovering in leaps and bounds. she had an achilles tendon and arch lengthening on her right foot last friday and based on the surgeon's reports, everything went well. this should correct the damage caused by her brain injury and allow her to walk in a more normal fashion. actually, she can now walk on her own with the assistance of a walker but of course, she would be much better off without it. her speech although not quite the same is improving tremendously as well. her left arm, which has suffered nerve damage is consistently improving to the point of almost normal function while her right arm is still struggling from tightness, again due to her brain injury. she was finally discharged from the hospital over a week ago. she was transferred to a special ed school but that didn't work out. since she performs in her normal cognitive level, including 11th grade school work, special ed schools are really not for her. she is scheduled therefore to return to her regular high school this coming friday. a bit ahead of schedule as she had hoped. she dreamed of going back to school in spring. i guess she beat the odds again. i am sure it will not be easy, she will require a full time aid to assist her with her school work (since she can't type or write yet) and with her personal needs but i am confident that she will have the necessary support from her brothers, friends, teachers and administrators.

alexis, my eldest is graduating from high school this year. college apps are out there but not heard from them yet.

can't close this email without once again thanking you all for your fervent and thoughtful prayers. it was a difficult second half of 2002 and 2003 has been challenging but we are hopeful and thankful for all the love and support that we have received from everyone. anna has improved so much. without you she will not be where she is now. with all our gratitude.


claire mondejar-nicasio

Photos courtesy of Maria. Thanks!

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