Vegas Thanksgiving 2001

SF's Golden Girls and London's Spice Girl Visit Las Vegas Showgirl, Nov 2001: Thanksgiving Celebration/Reunion in Las Vegas with Mae Cendana, Maddy Zamora, Brenda Martinez and Ann Arellano!

Ann, Maddy, Brenda and Mae.

And now Angela's story...

Brenda flew into LV Sat/17Nov all the way from UK. We hooked up on Tu/20Nov and spent all day shopping to the groans of our hubbies: Paul, Lady B's Texas-born hubby who speaks w/ a vedy-vedy propah English accent & Jes, who ended up chauffering all of us throughout!

Unang stop namin was Costco where she bought a Wine Book -- they're wine connoiseurs and harbor a wine cellar at home. Tapos we had lunch in a Thai Rest. Jes left us after lunch dahil he'd to get da kids from school & was to be home to receive our scheduled table delivery. Next was Borders Bookstore for more books...kita nyo, hanggang ngayon, libro pa din ang trip ni Lady Brenda. Punta kami sa House2Home, a store dat was going out of biz kase I wanted to see if there were some home furnishings I cud buy on sale. Meron nga... at da item was a basurahan! Yung type kong trash can was white opaque dat I needed to buy for da guest rm w/c Mae & kids were going to use in 2days time! Kase, nasa topmost shelf at parehong bonsai kami ni B so naghanap ako ng tulong. Sa tagal dumating, I got a shepherd's hook to pull down the basura & I told B to be ready to catch it! Dumating naman in da nick of time yung store associate who got it for us. Sabi ni B sa 'kin "So this is what you do on your days off!" Sabay tawa dahil I looked so ridiculous holding the metal hook trying to bring down the trash can -- nang dahil kay Mae C yan para may basura yung room nya.

Now since we just moved to our house, di pa complete yung furniture ko, noh at I'd scheduled the Dining Table 2B delivered in time for Tksgiving. Nagkaroon ng aberya dahil sabi ng Furn store nabiyak sa gitna yung mesa ko in their warehouse. I freaked out dahil saan kami kakain lahat & I was going to have 15 for sitdown dinner. Well, I dragged Sir Paul & Lady B w/ me to da Furn Store at naglamig ang mga fingers ko dahil I went from calm to livid. Talk about being cold-blooded. Sabi ni Paul, don't act calm, scream bloody hell! Make sure daw alot of people can hear me rant about my dining table. Eh di nagamit ko yung British accent ni Paul coz syang nagsalita una dahil I explained I've guests who flew all da way from London & I insisted I need a table...I don't care kung anong laki sya, basta I need a loaner Dining Table NOW till my replacement table comes in. To make more drama, si Paul umupo sa gilid ng isang kingbed, bouncing up/down & I think B sat beside him. He made a charade of slicing invisible turkey and scooping gravy at tinanong sya ng salesman

"What are you doing sir?"

"I'm practicing for Tksgiving Dinner, my man."

"Oh no, we've got better beds than this!"

"Oh no, this is my table."

Natawa ako kase Paul helped me w/ da drama of it all. Bottom line, I got my loaner table delivered noon next day & Tksgiving Dinner was saved. Sabi nga ni Paul, "It pays to have a British accent!" So, B, daming salamat at I owe Paul a lot -- I think I'll call it "THE Sir Paul Table" when I get my real one.

Being around them, well, napa "bloody table, bloody delivery," bloody, bloody everything na din ang expression ko!

Th/22Nov: Dating na ang unang Golden Girl, si Mae & kids, Dae and JR (with Ann at the Bellagio, left). Jes picked them up nd sa bahay na sila muna where they napped a bit. Nagkita na kami after I got home from work then we had our Tksgiving Dinner later. We went to the Strip after to walk out our kabusugan.

Fr/23Nov: Mae & Brenda go out to the Strip all day long while Ann worked. Buti na lang Jes was available to drive for them & they had time to catch up w/ ea other. Punta sila sa Caesar's Palace at Venetian after a Buffet Lunch in Sunset Station. They wen't home kase si Dae got a little fever & her throat was hurting. Sabi ni Mae, galing daw mag-drama si Dae kase sya ang biglaang na-masahe ko instead of Mae! The 3 of us talked non-stop & I was able to unearth the older yearbook where Brenda had a chance to look at our batch's faces. Mae updated her on everyone naman. Tawag naman si Maddy at kinausap kaming lahat -- wait daw for her kase she's flying to L.A. Sat/24Nov & will fly to LV to join us.

Later, we took JR w/ us to Sunset where he played some slots while Mae & I went to watch/listen to a lounge act. Memories si Mae dahil the band coincidentally sang a song w/c summarized her life kaya ayan, feel nya ang song, start to finish... Talk about very impromptu happenings - we just went where our feet would take us & stay up late till 4AM. Eh I'd to go to work pa, noh?

Back to Maddy: During the phone conversation, sabi nya kay Mae, "Don't leave LV, that's a direct order!" Si Brenda naman, nanghinayan dahil she doesn't want Maddy to spend too much just to come to LV & leave shortly. Sabi ni Maddy, "She doesn't know how I operate, well I'm coming." Bilib naman ako, she did everything to come & see Brenda. I came home from work Sat evening & called Brenda to tell her na I'll take a shower & nap before Maddy flies in. I ended up sleeping longer & Jes picked up Brenda & they both picked up Maddy from the airport coz Jes didn't know how Maddy looked like. Ginising na lang ako ni Jes mga 10pm when they were home na. Sabi ko kay Maddy when I saw her, "Dyos ko, wala na akong dugo! Di na ako sanay ng late nites at sunod-sunod ang late nites ko, aba, I need a transfusion na." Kodakan na naman kami siempre w/ Maddy at home. Eh she'd to fly back to LA at 6am Sun/25Nov so u gehls can imagine she spent a couple of hours in LV (10pm/Sat till 5am/Sun) just to see about friendship. Bow ako kay Maddy who would go to great lengths to see her dearest friend.

Mga bandang 4am (ulit?!), I started to fade at sabi ko sa kanila, "Matutulog na ako dahil may pasok pa 'ko mamaya. Bilisan nyo ang kwentuhan ng 26yrs dahil 1Hr na lang, hahatid na si Maddy sa airport." I fell asleep on the couch while nagkwento ng juicy kwento (I swear!) ang dalawang misteryosang colegialas. Gehls, Sisters Mary George & Bernadette will have to bring in Fr Reuter to bless these 2 kids! Since I was asleep, I couldn't tell you what they talked about, chaka in confidence yon & my lips are sealed. Ay nako, scoop yan mga 'day pero secret muna for now! Teaser ba?

Napa-allnighter 'tong si Lady B dahil she ended up accompanying Jes drive Maddy back to the airport 5am dahil tulog, pagod at puyat na 'ko by then. I'd told them na when I get home Sun. from work, I'll just crash & all I want to see is the back of my eyeballs. Kaya, eto, ngayon pa lang ako bumabawi ng tulog & I couldn't appreciate my days-off more. Jes took Brenda back home at 6am na. (That's Jes with Mae and JR at Bally's, above.)

Now Brenda is definitely returning to LV next year, arriving Saturday before Tksgiving & departing Monday after Tksgiving. 1 year ahead pa lang, I'd like to arrange a reunion of sorts in LV around the time Brenda is here. If we are to stage a CA reunion w/ her, let me know so I can make plans to take her to SFO and/or LAX, most likely 1 place lang, either No. or So. Cal, kundi hectic 'to flying and/or driving LV-SF-LA during Tksgvng Week.

Sya, haba na nito...abangan nyo na lang yung mga fotos ni Mae. I'll make dagdag mine later.

Ann A.M.

(Thanks to Ann Arellano for the text, Mae Cendana and Maddy Zamora for the photos.)

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