Hot na Hot Happening '02!

21 June 2002, Las Vegas NV. Chicago's Rocky Yupangco and Colorado's Ana A spent the first day of summer having a mini-reunion with classmate, local resident Ann Arellano. An evening of fun and renewed friendships!

Ana hasn't seen Ann since Jul 2000, Rocky since Grad Day 1975. Excitedly waiting for them to pick her up... she could hardly wait to see them again!

Ann, Ana and Rocky at Pinoy-Pinay Restaurant, Sahara cor Maryland (behind 7-11). Great Filipino food, even greater Paulinian company! The threesome immediately hit it off, wasted no time catching up...

Doing an after-dinner grand tour of Ann and Jes' beautiful home in suburban Henderson...

With Rocky's hubby, Rey. The Buencaminos were in town to attend the 22 Jun San Beda Grand Reunion at Bally's.

Amid Ann's zen-inspired décor, the trio talked about practically anything under the sun... school, work, family, atbp. At midnight, they went back to the Vegas Strip and continued the chikahan at MGM... all the way to almost 2 am... the longest day of the year well-spent... a most memorable evening (and morning) indeed!

Ann and Rocky, it's been nice. Thank you!

Ann, as always, thanks for your hospitality. Sa uulitin!

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