A Tale of Four Classmates

From New York they came

Two former Paulinians

Looking to find adventure in England

Let's go to Great Britain to see all the sights

The Tower of London, Kensington and kites

Maybe Piccadilly, is that a circus or playhouse?

Or possibly shop at Harrods or eat at a steakhouse.

Then lo and behold two became three

For Mitzi and Shella waited for Rocky to see

At Heathrow airport, they went and they spied

As Rocky unboarded her Manchester flight

Oh lovely dear friends let's go to the town

Where Madam Tussaud's wax figures are found

We'll meet Di and Fergie and Mel and dear Robin

And maybe the Queen and the Beatles we'll bump in.


Aside from these gents and ladies of repute

Maybe Elle and Shella can shake their little boot

Then Mitzi can cavort with Jackie and Sean

While Rocky and Ali go head on for a round


Spent and exhausted the tired friends relaxed

But the next day to shop and spend money was taxed

Shella looked great in her ascot-like hat

Looking quite proper for teatime at that.


Then that afternoon a train bound for Southampton

Took them to Brenda and Paul making 4 girl companions

Tra la la and tweedle dee day

The merry four talked both night and day.


So this ends the story of 4 happy Paulinians

Whose paths split in the 70s with changes continuous

But though they had grown and differed in knowledge

Their inner soul was forever caught bounded.

For wherever their paths took

It's really unmistakable

That these girls are friends

For now and forever more.


Thank you very much Brenda and Paul and Mitzi and Shella for sharing this fun time together.

Rocky Yupangco Buencamino

UK Adventure, March 7-10, 2002

Text, photos and layout are courtesy of Rocky. Thanks!

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