Laurie's Baby Shower

25 Nov 2002, New York City. Laurie Abad Santos was two weeks away from delivering her first baby and batchmates honored her with a baby shower.

Attendees: Cecile Lozada (a visiting San Francisco BABE, the shower also served as her Manhattan welcome-back party), Mitzi Ambion (SPCM HS'75 East Coast Coordinator); Shella Navarro (Newark's ER Star); Suzanne Camacho (Long Island RN) and Mariechelle Llagas (PEACH Lady from JC).

Laurie, congratulations!

Ching's recap:

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We were six in all including Laurie. Shella was luckily off that day or swapped her day off, Suzanne did the same or called in sick, Mitz arranged for someone to babysit her niece and I took the afternoon off from work. Mitz, Shella, Cecile and I met at my office building and Sue drove all the way from Suffolk NY to Laurie's condo in NYC. Muntik pang mahuli ng police coz she answered her cell phone while driving, akala niya ako. Good thing she is a good actress, explained to the police that she is a nurse and answered the phone thinking it's one of her patients.

Sue, Ching, Cecile, Laurie, and Mitzi.

We ordered food from Olive Garden and picked it up. Cecile and Mitz bought a disposable camera while Shella and I bought soda. When we got there, Laurie and Sue were already chatting their hearts away. We ate lunch and made kwento in between. As expected, walang katapusang kwentuhan at tawanan. Si Sue is really great to be around… she told us stories when she was still working as a nurse in Cebu; magaling palang mag-assist si Sue sa childbirth. Laurie shared with us her love story and experience during pregnancy…

With Shella... Ching's turn behind the camera. :o)

Before I forget,I need to acknowledge those who sent their warm wishes to Laurie for her baby shower. The batch gave her and Tony a year's subscription to Parents Magazine. Nilagay namin sa isang small picture album all your sentiments and wishes and she was really delighted. Well wishers came from all over the world....we had Lady B greeting from UK, Jowie Corpus Marfori from Toronto, Canada, Maisa Enriquez Yuvienco from Woodbury, CT, Ana Arellano Madrid from Las Vegas, Nevada (akala niya taga Spain ka!), Mae Cendana and Patty Hidalgo from Northern California and Ms. Sunny Escareal, from the Phils.

Laurie looks wonderful and beautiful....sabi nga ni Cecile Lozada, she didn't look pregnant, she looked like she swallowed a big watermelon. And she is very strong and can move about so easily. Laurie is expecting to have a baby girl and her name is going to be KIA, named after Ki energy that Laurie is a master of.

As you can see from the pictures, we didn't have time to decorate the conference room, kaya we just held the baby shower banner during the pictorials and made the paper plates our props. Laurie on her ninth month is still busy with her clients -- working as a financial planner/broker with a top brokerage firm and also with her Ki energy classes. She said she will be on leave starting Thanksgiving and will spend at least 3 full months with her newborn. Shella and Sue promised to see her early Spring to get some Ki energy treatment.

Our kwentuhan and celebration started at 1PM until 5 PM. For sure, if we didn't have any trains to catch, no children waiting at home, we could have stayed a few more hours. Cecile Lozada promised to visit us again soon next year with Marlou H in tow. This time not near the holiday season para hindi siksikan masyado sa airports. All in all, we all had a good time, a great time.

So until the next one. Anybody out there preggy???? Thanks again to all. -- Ching

(Photos courtesy of Ching Llagas. Thanks!)

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