SPCM HS'78 Silver Jubilee Party!

24 Jan 2003, 7PM. Salcedo Park Ballroom, Salcedo Village, Makati; sponsored by Sandy Ocampo. More photos: SPCM Homecoming program / Marel Mijares' The Spirit of Class of '78! New

Check out Sandra Suarez-Reyes' kool-na-kool Balik Iskul report.

SPCM HS'78 Chair Malene Cruz-Baron wrote: "Our batch silver jubilee party was well-attended. We may not have reached ideal full attendance, but yet, we felt that it became more intimate as it was easier to control the number of mouths yacking away all at one time, hahaha! We hired a mobile, danced the night away and of course, the food was excellent, particularly the sans rival, which everyone literally gorged on. Everyone forgot their diets that evening...!"

1st row: Clara Tankeh-Asuncion, Nancy Avendano, Marites Cueto, Noela Daleon, Nani Sehwani, Joji Santos, Lala Villanueva, Ani Ignacio

2nd row: Sandy Ocampo, Aning Menendez, Ita Herranz, Malene Cruz, Ms. Oblefias, Angie dela Cruz, Sandra Suarez, Marites Marco, Marizel Arambulo

3rd row: Annamay Interior, Yuyay Lantin, Malet dela Riva, Cherry Agoncillo, Teresa Blanco, Gina Francisco, Daisy Laurente, Belay Acayan, Evelyn Boringot, Lugie Lipumano, Cecile Fernandez, Zeny Patag, Marirose Ramirez, Menju Lazaro and Anabel Cabrera

Seated: Evelyn, Clara Tankeh, Daisy, Marites, Ani and Cherry

Standing: Menju, Anabel, Sandra, Belay, Zeny, Angie, Malene, Malet, Lala and Sandy

Joji, Maya Itchon, Cecile, Marirose Ramirez, Lugie and Marites Marco

Zeny, Ms. Oblefias, Teresa Blanco, Belay Acayan , Annamay Interior

Clockwise: Yuyay, Nancy, Malet, Cherry, Ani and Joji, Malene, Evelyn

Nani, Aning, Noela, Gina Francisco and Sandy

Anabel Cabrera, Marites Cueto and Evelyn Boringot

Marizel Arambulo and Ita Herranz

Anabel, Menju, Daisy and Malet

Lala, Aning, Angie, Cherry Agoncillo, Noela and Sandy

Photos courtesy of Marel Mijares-Flick '78 and Sandra Suarez' SPCM HS'78 website. Thanks!

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