Balik Iskul, Kasi Kool 2003!

26 Jan 2003 at the Fleur-de-lis; SPCM Grand Alumnae Homecoming Program. More photos: SPCM HS'78 jubilarian party / Marel Mijares' The Spirit of Class of '78! New

Check out Sandra Suarez-Reyes' kool-na-kool Balik Iskul report.


Emcees: Nani Sehwani and Ita Herranz! Right: '78 ladies -- Joji Santos, Ita Herranz, Sandra Suarez, Belay Acayan, Cecile Fernandez, Malene Cruz, Aning Menendez, Nancy Avendano, more -- open the festivities with a '70s dance medley.

SPCM HS'78 President's Recap:

Finally, it's over! You can't imagine the stress we underwent just preparing for the homecoming. Good and bad trips all together. As far as HS 78 is concerned, we had an absolutely great time!


SPCM HS'78 President Malene Cruz welcomed everyone to the party… Daisy Laurente delivered the invocation.

Early Jan. 26, we started converging by the chapel steps. Mouths still didn't stop yacking. Little by little, our group was getting bigger. And as usual, like true Filipino time, the Mass started 40 minutes late. And of course, we were all wondering where was Nalini Sehwani - named the "indyan queen" for her notoriety in being late or plainly not showing up in some occasions. Obviously when she arrived, we all gave her a big clap.

The Mass was well-attended and the homily was so beautiful. If you closed your eyes, the presiding priest sounded exactly like Fr. Reuter. After that, all jubilarians were called one group at a time for the customary batch picture-taking by the chapel steps.

Lunch was served at the HRM Training Center for all the jubilarians. Okay lang basta we just kept on tripping at the whole scenario. What do you expect from our table composed of Angie, Sandra, Aning, Noela, Nani and myself.

From there, we proceeded to the backstage of the Fleur-de-Lis, still having enough time to do our last-minute dance practice which was 2 days in the making. All participating jubilarians were all getting ready as well.

Coral Jubilarians (HS'68)!

And then, the main show started, with HS'78 doing our 70's dance medley number. The invited hs classes of '69 and '70 performed a J-Lo Latin number, followed by the Coral Jubilarians (HS'68) doing a 60's dance medley - the bugaloo, the soul, etc. They were so good and we all were awed at how great they look for their age.

Then the Ruby jubilarians (HS'63) performed 2 song numbers with their high school uniform and BOW as there were at least 60 of them up on stage. They were so cute!

The golden jubilarians then followed with a skit and dance numbers. The performers were all good.

Ruby Jubilarians (HS'63) in their high school uniforms!

After all that, I was given a plaque of recognition. Then was my chance to thank you all for putting your trust in me to lead the batch. Bumigay ako as I really feel the whole batch deserves what was given to me. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH. I'm really proud to be a Paulinian even if I only spent 2 years of my high school with you all. MADAMO NGA SALAMAT GID!

Then Route 70 played and how we danced with their tunes. Some of us even went up on stage. Nani sang "Ain't No Mountain High Enough," Sandy sang "It's too Late," and Cecile belted out "Follow Your Road." It was a great performance by Route 70, who btw has been chosen to represent the country in the ASEAN Tourism Event in Cambodia.

HS'69 and '70 doing a J-Lo!

Our batch really went out of our way to make the show a good one. We had the professional services of Lala's Video Sonic production office put up computers, sounds and lights, the works. All jubilarians were well informed, they were so impressed at seeing production assistants with radios and wireless microphones and a fantabulous sound system.

Now the load goes to HS 79 as when they celebrate, it will coincide with the 100 years of St. Paul in the Philippines. We will definitely support batch 79.

All in all, it was great! We were together and had a wonderful time. It is our year, it was our event. LONG LIVE SPCM HS 78!!!

Malene Cruz-Baron

(The above were excerpts of Malene's message to her '78 batchmates.)

SPCM HS'75 President's scoop:

Attended the homecoming yesterday, 26 Jan. Was only able to go after lunch. Got there at 1 pm and saw Evelyn Angeles who bought a booth at the Tiangge. They were selling barbecue, sago't gulaman, lemonade and siomai. She also had another booth that sold blouses and shirts.

Nani Sehwani and Sandy Ocampo! A highly-respected three-time Congresswoman ('92-'96-'98), Sandy represented the 6th Dist of Manila in the Philippine House of Representatives -- stepping down only due to term limits. Known as Manila's "Iron Butterfly", she was the first woman ever to represent a district of the city in Congress.

It was so fun to see our Little Sisters although I couldn't name all of them - I had fun with Angie dela Cruz, Jenny Lee, Malene Baron, Aning Menendez, Nani Sehwani, Jojie Santos, Cecile Fernandez and Sandy Ocampo. Their program was fun and the dances and skits were well presented. I couldn't help but see us somewhere there too. They started off with a dance number by Batch 78. Although not all of them danced, I recall our own dance during our homecoming. And, when you look at Jojie, she looks and moves exactly like Ditas.

The next four numbers were well choreographed. And ang-gaganda ng mga jubilarians. Among them, were Ate Mita Tesoro, sister of Dolly and Dettie, Wynna Medina, sister of Winifred, Lydia Martinez, sister-in-law of Marisa, Ate Sally Tesoro, sis-in-law of the Twins and my relative Ruby Chan. One of the highlights of the event was the Ruby Jubilarians who came in our SPCM uniform. The batch of sina Tina Revilla did that too some years back when they were the Silver Jubilarians. Nakaka-inggit nga. Well, at least, Pinky, Mae and I were able to wear it for our presentation. And, take note, ang dami ng Ruby Jubilarians.

Cecile Fernandez and Route 70

At the end of the presentations, the Route 70 Band played. Sayang, if only we attended, ang sarap to dance to their music along with Batch '78 and the other Jubilarians. We were at the front of the stage and some of them were on the stage na, dancing and even singing. Tapos, Nani and Sandy sang "It's Too Late." Naalala ko tuloy si Mae. Then Cecile sang "Follow your road." and she was really good. Another Jubilarian ('68 batchmate nina Wynna) sang "To Sir with Love." Galing din.

All in all, it was a fun afternoon for me. Was there with Evelyn when they introduced Batch 75. And you know what, nag-sigawan ang Little Sisters natin when we stood up to be acknowledged. Not only that..... when they announced my name as a member of the 15-person Board of Trustees of the soon to be formed SPCM Alumnae Foundation Inc., nag-sigawan na naman ang Batch 78. Ika nga ni Angie, "Tingnan mo naman Ate Sunny ang supporta namin sa iyo." Told her that it reminded me of how they had clapped and shouted when my name was announced as President of the Student Council. They're still the same Little Sisters I know. It was a fun feeling to be with them again.

Jubilant Silver Jubilarians!

BTW, they also acknowledged Mae's support and advice to them in Malene's speech. And finally, when they gave Malene a plaque of appreciation, she broke down too. Deja Vu.

Haba na ito. Hope hindi kayo mag-sawa sa pag-basa nito.

Gotta go.

Sunny Escareal-Velasco

(The above were excerpts of Sunny's message to '75 batchmates.)

SPCM HS '78 Silver Jubilee Committee

President: Malene Cruz-Baron -- Asst Director: Ita Herranz -- Secretary: Kathleen Niguidula

Asst Committee Officers: Sandra Suarez / Kathleen Niguidula / Zeny Patag

Business Manager: Daisy Laurente -- Asst Business Managers: Lala Villanueva / Menju Lazaro

Program Director: Cecile Fernandez -- Head, Legal Affairs: Clara Tankeh-Asuncion

Members/Public Relations: Sandy Ocampo / Nani Sehwani / Noela Daleon / Marela Mijares / Nancy Avendano / Rica dela Cruz/ Ana Balboa

Photos courtesy of Marel Mijares-Flick '78 and Sandra Suarez' SPCM HS'78 website. Thanks!

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