Saint Paul College of Manila High School

CLASS OF 1975'S BEST OF 2002

Happy 2003! Below is our journal of SPCM HS'75 events and batchmates that made big news in 2002. It's far from comprehensive, being limited mainly to what came through our egroup ( Accompanying pictures and complete narratives can be viewed by following the links to the SPCM HS'75 website at

In case of corrections and additions, please email SPCM HS75 Webkeeper at Thank you!




01.  Maerry Xmas ala Bedan! 21 Dec, LA. Mae Cendaña was featured entertainer in sold-out San Beda HS75's Xmas Ball. Photos.

02.  Jardin de Nicole et Noelle: Alice Cuazon jazzed up Florian Nuval's new home. A piece of Alice's wonderland: Florian's walls of fame!

03.  Vegas Thanksgiving '02: 24-30 Nov, LV: Ann A, Brenda, Maisa, Maddy, Erika, Mae and Chiqui Escareal '79 in week-long reunion!

04.  Laurie's Baby Shower: 25 Nov 02, NYC: Mitzi, Ching, Sue, Cecile, Shella host party for stockbroker Laurie Abad Santos. Photos!

05.  October to remember! 19: Tequila Joe. welcome for Rocky; 28: Alabang night-out with Shella; 30: Lunch with Sr Miriam. Photos.

06.  East Coast Interbatch #1: 14 Sep, Pawling NY. Paulinians bond during mini Filipino fiesta at Grace Dizon's home. Real blast! Photos.

07.  August Events in Review: 10 Aug: Reunion at Alice Dizon's Manila Manor; 11-14-15-16 Aug:  BABES Multi Mini-Reunions.  Photos.

08.  All the best, Luchie Beltran! 8 Aug. Luchie married Danny Mumar, brother of Cecile '78 and Lorie '80. Vintage Luchie-and-Des!

09.  Beauties and the Best! 8 Jul, CT. Attendees: GS'71/HS'75 batchmates Annabelle Isaac, Carol Gochoco, Maisa Enriquez. Photos!

10. Susie's Summer Getaway! Jun 02. Special guest: USDA-Florida A&M's Susie Crisostomo.  Makati Greenbelt bienvenida at Yambi Yambao's Big Bowl of China, a BABE welcome in SF, MC Mountain Home Taal-Tagaytay getaway.  Photos!

11. Summer's first reunion! 21 Jun. Rocky, Ana and Ann spent first day of summer having fun and old rekindling friendships! Photos!

12. Reminiscing with Bobby Yan: Jun 02, Makati. Malu, Alice, Beth and family met with RYYF trustees Bobby and Geraldine Yan. Photos.

13. Jackie Ick '78 by the Bay! 8 Jun, SFO.  Dr Jackie Ick-Joson '78 grace 3-in-1 get-together hosted by The Cendañas.  Instant reunion!

14. Starry Summer Night! May 02, Makati's The Fort. Alice Cuazon, Beth Reyes, Malu Santos hobnob with showbiz stars. Photos!

15. Mae Bedan Sushifest: 18 May, LA. San Beda HS75 hosts May Bday bash for celebs incl Mae Cendaña! Bedan turn-around pics!

16. Florian's San Fran Spring: May 02. SFO. BABES Erika Miranda, Mae Cendaña, Carol Gochoco host Manila's Florian Nuval. Photos!

17. Despedida at Dencio's: 10 Apr, Makati's Fort. Winifred & Florian were bound for SFO, Zamby for Toronto, Lia for Spain. Photos.

18. Salo-Salo sa San Francisco: 6 Apr. Inter-batch mixer hosted by The Cendañas. Louella Albornoz was there! Recap by Marel & Mae!

19. Remembering Rico Yan: Mar 02: Beth Reyes shares her family's fond memories of  wonderful time spent with actor Rico Yan, hours before he passed away on 29 Mar 02 while vacationing at Dos Palmas. Exclusive photos. Postscript.

20. A Tale of Four Classmates: 7-10 Mar. Mitzi Ambion, Shella Navarro, Rocky Yupangco, Brenda Martinez tour the UK. Our Fab Four

21. SPCM Homecoming 2002! 27 Jan: OPM - Outstanding Paulinian Moment -- SPCM HS77's All-Star Show! Photos: 75 - 77 - 78 - 79!

22. The Cendañas wow Antioch! 19 Jan, CA. Cendañas Mae '75, Audrey'79, Michelle '80, Chacha '82 performed at Sto Niño Fest. Photos!

23. Three's Company: 2002's first! 12 Jan, NYC. Chicago's Rocky Yupangco meet up with New Yorkers Mitzi and Shella. 2002's first reunion!



When not selling real estate or attending advance art classes in Manila, our University of Detroit business alumna indulged in one of her real loves -- custom home interior decorating! Her works of art include our very own Florian Nuval-Nequinto's Jardin de Nicole et Noelle and Beth Reyes-Lugtu's Sweet Home Alabang kitchen. A piece of Alice's wonderland completed in time for the holidays -- check out Florian's walls of fame! (


Mariechelle co-chaired the first Paulinian East Coast inter-batch reunion in Sept. She also helped coordinate SPC Mission America's NY-NJ inter-batch reunion attended by Sr Mary George and Sr Nieves in Nov and Dec. She did all these while concurrently serving as a New York liaison for the Foundation of Our Lady of Peace Mission, helping it research possible sources of support and fulfill requirements. She arranged meetings with area organizations when Sr Eva Fidela Maamo (FOLPMI President), Sr Mary Magdalen Torres (SPC Philippine Provincial Superior), and Sr Zeta Rivero (Cebu Perpetual Help Hospital administrator) visited Manhattan in Sept. A system administrator at the New York City Canadian consulate, Ching was one of the few select employees recognized by Canada's Department of Foreign Affairs for all the hard work she did to help Sept 11 victims, above and beyond what her job required.

(The Foundation of Our Lady of Peace Mission Inc is a non-profit, non-stock organization headed by Sr Eva and Fr James Reuter, SJ. It relies entirely on donations and work of volunteers to sustain its many projects. For more info on FOLPMI, please visit or or One can email the foundation directly at or call the office at (63-2)8257653. You can also contact SPCM HS79 Program Coordinator Nadine Niguidula at; Batch '79 has adopted the pediatric ward of FOLPMI's Our Lady of Peace Hospital for the Poor in Paranaque as its top community outreach commitment. Dr Sharon Reyes '81 also volunteers her time and services at the hospital; San Francisco's Rowie Lapiña McGee '81 has already sent balikbayan-boxful of donations.)


Jowie was prominently featured in a 2002 Canada United Way television campaign ad. A Senior Administrator with a giant stock brokerage firm, she's one of our Four TOPS -- Toronto's Oh-wow Paulinians! -- along with batchmates Ana Paras, Leilani Lagdameo and Maritess dela Cruz.


Coming soon at Edna's Ichiban Library in South San Francisco... Louella Albornoz Angeles -- our veteran TV and silver-screen comedienne batchmate... the life of Paulinian parties in the Bay Area... the object of affection of LAFF -- Louella Albornoz Fans Forever!... the funny lady of Tagalog blockbusters Ang Boypren Kong Baduy, Ikaw ay Akin, Chikiting Master, Annie Batungbakal, Bongga Ka Day, Ibalik Ang Swerti, Ina Ka ng Anak Mo, Burgis, Totoo Ba Ang Tsismis?, Tartan, Iskul Bukul, Yakapin Mo Ako, Lalaking Matapang, at marami pang iba -- will soon be performing stand-up comedy at this popular Bay Area comedy club! Her actor-kumpare, Bernardo Bernardo, convinced Louella to try it, after they emceed the Global Filipino Conference's Pistahan Festival at Yerba Buena Island near San Francisco last Sep 1. (


Luchie Beltran, a MERALCO Stockholders Relations Department supervisor in Pasig, married her childhood sweetheart Danny Des Mumar on 8 Aug 2002 at the EDSA Shrine's San Lorenzo Ruiz Chapel. The groom's a brother of Cecile '78 and Lorie '80. Vintage Luchie-and-Des photos at (Sept 2003: moved to ).

Other Paulinians who tied the knot in 2002 include:

-- ROWENA "OWELL" BAROQUE '80 who became Mrs Islas on 25 May 2002 in Houston TX (

-- CLARISSA CARREON '77 who married her long-time fiance, Mark John Finan, on 14 June 02 in England. A sister of Holland's Cecile '78 and Australia's Carol '79, Clarissa is the '77 webkeeper/egroup moderator. Wedding photos at .

-- DR JUDY CELINE ICK '81 -- Fulbright scholar, University of Massachusetts (Amherst) M.A. and Ph.D. alumna, Anvil Award-winning Thomasites Centennial Project Director / book co-editor, top Shakespearean authority, UP Diliman English and Comparative Lit professor, sister of Dr Jackie Ick-Joson '78 -- got married on 12 Oct 2002 in Manila. ( / 2001 photos at



Maddy Zamora '75 was promoted to Captain in the US Air Force Reserves in October 2002, marking three years of outstanding service. A Registered Nurse alumna of San Rafael CA's Dominican College, she's stationed at Travis AFB east of San Francisco. Visit our Freedom Page at for latest situation reports, veterans links, and civilian jobs -- a tribute to Maddy and Marie Sciple, our batchmates serving in the US Armed Forces.


The Cendañas wow Antioch!

19 Jan 2002. Antioch CA. The Cendaña Sisters Mae '75, Audrey'79, Michelle '80 and Chacha '82 performed during the Most Holy Rosary Parish's Santo Niño de Cebu Festival. Hosted annually by the Fil-Am Club, the popular festival commemorates the tender love of Jesus for all of God's children including Filipinos everywhere. ( )

Recap from Mae:

Just want to share with you most recent updates to the website of the Most Holy Rosary Parish of Antioch, California (near San Francisco) -- .

You will see Chacha (Batch 82), Audrey (Batch 79) and Michelle (Batch 80) -- introduced as members of the Saint Paul College of Manila High School Glee Club! -- performing at the Santo Niño Festival last January 19, 2002. They sang "The Star-Spangled Banner" at the beginning of the show and "Dahil Sa Iyo" and "Tilibum" at the show proper (above). BTW, they are called MASKARA - a name they used during one of my shows here in San Francisco in 1988. Lisa (Batch 78) wasn't able to perform since she is still nursing (you know how that goes) but she was there to cheer with the rest of the Cendaña brood.

I also performed the Donna Summer Medley with two couples dancing in the background (above) including Ness Mendoza, who did the vocals for "Heaven Knows" - they are members of the Fil-Am Club of the parish. Ness and I go a long way - he was a promotions manager of Vicor Music Corporation - my old recording studio (ek!). At the finale, I led the singing of "America the Beautiful" with the young members of the parish.

The festival was produced by the Fil-Am Club whose president is Mike Illescas and vice-president is my brother-in-law, Don Burian, who was also one of the emcees of the show. The production manager/coordinator was our eldest sister, Fe. Sobra ba - puro kamag-anak ang hatak!

The festival and show were attended by about 300 members of the parish, mostly Filipino-Americans. Senator Tom Torlakson of the 7th District and County Supervisor Glover graced the occasion. The best thing about this festival is the food and entertainment are all free! The Fil-Am Club carols during the Christmas season and returns their earnings back to the parish with a mass, a banquet and a show featuring their very own...

After the show, I was approached by a band leader who was scouting for a lead singer. Right now, we are still in the rehearsing stage but as soon as a gig comes up, I'll let you know. The band has no name as of yet...actually, I will have to ask our egroup for suggestions.

'75 Webnote:

MAE CENDAÑA, our veteran Ambivalent Crowd and Balahibo Rock Band soloist / Blackgold and Vicor recording BABE, eventually joined Insight band and entertained Bay Area families and friends while performing before wall-to-wall crowds at Tito Rey's Restaurant in Daly City and Osaka Sushi in Valllejo CA. A Paulinian with a multitude of Bedan fans, she graced January Turnaround, Maerry May Sushifest, and Bedan Xmas Ball -- all SBC HS'75 Southern California events. (

During the 8 Dec 2003 Paulinian inter-batch in San Francisco, she and her sisters were requested by visiting Sr Mary George (our principal in high school) and Sr Nieves to stage a benefit concert for Paulinian Global / Sisters of St Paul of Chartres Philippine Foundation's Vigil House construction project. Abangan! (

When she's not hosting or singing, Mae works full-time as Alumni Affairs and Special Events Administrator at University of California Office of the President in Oakland. She's of course the SPCM HS75 Alumnae Relations Coordinator 24x7.


Proud Mom of ABS-CBN/TFC Berks' Karel (16) and Kevin (10)... versatile music artist, theater and film actress, leading corporate and TV host... celeb endorser-model for Cosmetiderm Aesthestic Laser SurgiCentre... 8 music album participations including newly-released "The Power of Your Love" album to celebrate the 4th World Meeting of Families in Jan 03 ... a member of the super-talented music-comedy quartet "The Angfourgettables".... a regular in Armida Siguion-Reyna's long-running "Aawitan Kita" and ABS-CBN/TFC's "Wansapanataym"... maker of one-of-a-kind aromacandles... People Power political activist... SPCM HS'75 pride and joy -- Pinky was busy as always in 2002. Below is a peek at what her professional schedule looked like:

-- 16 Jan -- Pinky in "Reunion of People Power II Heroes" at LSGH.

-- Jan -- ANG4 at Strumms (Jupiter, Makati), Tuesdays

-- Jan -- Pinky starred in an episode of ABS-CBN/TFC's Wansapanataym

-- Jan through March -- ANG4 worked on new album; went on a nationwide promo tour and re-launched "Ang Galing ng Pilipino" program

-- Feb through Mar -- Pinky as Elsa Montes in Anton Juan's "Portrait of a Filipino as an Artist" at the Cultural Center

-- Feb -- ANG4 at Strumms (Jupiter St, Makati) on Tuesdays, Hotel Rembrandt on Thursdays

-- Feb 3 -- Pinky was a featured performer during Sen Ople's birthday

-- Feb 14 -- Pinky's very own, well-publicized "Secret Passion" Valentine's Day classical concert at Shangri-la-EDSA

-- Mar -- ANG4 corporate shows -- Malayan Insurance at RCBC Plaza, Rotary International at NBC Tent, Total Philippines at Manila Golf and Country Club.

-- Apr -- ANG4 at Ayala Center's Streetlife every Thursday

-- May -- Pinky at City of Makati's "Araw ng Makati" week-long celebrations

-- May 12 -- Pinky in Philippine Church's daytime 'Mothers Festival' -- held to prepare for Jan 2003 4th World Meeting of Families in the Philippines

-- May 12 -- ANG4 Mothers Day dinner show at Hotel Rembrandt

-- May 14 -- Pinky at Unida Ecumenical Chancel Choir's 7th anniversary at Meralco Theater

-- Jul onwards -- ANG4 at Strumms-Jupiter St (Tuesdays); Makati Shangri-la Conway's (Wednesdays); Shangri-la EDSA Lobby (Thursdays)

-- Jul through Aug -- Pinky played Jocaste in Anton Juan's "Oedipus Rex" at UP Diliman

-- Jul 26 -- Pinky co-hosted Gantimpala Theatre Foundation's 25th anniversary at CCP

-- 6 Aug -- Pinky entertained 22,000 attendees of WCARP's Pilgrimage for Peace 2002, Araneta Coliseum

-- 12 Aug -- Pinky, Bert Nievera, Tony Leviste starred in Powerplant celeb-studded tribute to journalism guru Rod Reyes

-- Sep -- Pinky in Bulacan's Question Mark Club's 54th anniversary at Manila Hotel -- attended by international dignitaries invited by the Oples.

-- Sep -- Pinky sang "Papa Can You Hear Me" in "The Power of Your Love" spiritual album to celebrate 4th World Meeting of Families in Jan 03.

-- Sep -- Pinky in Sinulog welcome at Makati Shangri-la Hotel.

-- 14 Nov -- Pinky at SM City Cagayan de Oro inauguration

-- Nov -- Pinky starred in ABS-CBN/TFC's Wansapanataym opposite Bembol Roco, hubby of Coco Artadi '76

-- 6 Dec -- Pinky in AgriSpecialist Corp's 25th anniversary at Manila Hotel hosted by Dina Bonnevie

-- Dec. 11 -- Pinky in "Awit...Pag-ibig, Alay, Papuri" concert featuring original compositions of Bing Pimentel and celebrating Sen Nene Pimentel's birthday at Teatro Aguinaldo, QC

-- Dec 21 -- ANG4 performed at Hard Rock Café, Makati, to benefit non-profit Bigay Pagmamahal Foundation Inc.

The above is certainly just a partial list of La Marquez' showbiz engagements in 2002, limited only to those found on the Web. Congratulations! (



12 Jan 02, New York City.

Rocky Yupangco was in town from Chicago. Mitzi Ambion and Shella Navarro were in Manhattan to welcome her. Warm balitaan / kumustahan. First reunion of 2002! ( )

Mitzi wrote: "... Rocky was in town for a Tetra Pak conference. Our other New Yorker classmates couldn't find baby-sitters at the last minute so only Shella and myself were able to meet with her. We ended up having dinner in Chinatown and some sago and gulaman at a Chinese teahouse afterwards, After briefly checking out Ground Zero, it was already too cold outside so nagpakalunod na lang kami sa coffee and hot tea and kumustahan and latest news at her hotel. We were kidding Rocky that one of these days, in one of her trips to Tetra Pak headquarters in Sweden, we'll go with her so she can show us around. Of course, she said - yes! Stockholm, anyone?"


7-10 Mar 02, England.

Mitzi Ambion, Shella Navarro and Rocky Yupangco meet up in the UK, take on the shops and sights around London, then ride the train to visit Brenda Martinez in Southampton. ( ):

Two former Paulinians

Looking to find adventure in England

Let's go to Great Britain to see all the sights

The Tower of London, Kensington and kites

Maybe Piccadilly, is that a circus or playhouse?

Or possibly shop at Harrods or eat at a steakhouse.


Then lo and behold two became three

For Mitzi and Shella waited for Rocky to see

At Heathrow airport, they went and they spied

As Rocky unboarded her Manchester flight


Oh lovely dear friends let's go to the town

Where Madam Tussaud's wax figures are found

We'll meet Di and Fergie and Mel and dear Robin

And maybe the Queen and the Beatles we'll bump in.


Then that afternoon a train bound for Southampton

Took them to Brenda and Paul making 4 girl companions

Tra la la and tweedle dee day

The merry four talked both night and day.


So this ends the story of 4 happy Paulinians

Whose paths split in the 70s with changes continuous

But though they had grown and differed in knowledge

Their inner soul was forever caught bounded.


For wherever their paths took

It's really unmistakable

That these girls are friends

For now and forever more.

(Excerpts from Rocky Yupangco-Buencamino's recap.)


10 Apr, 1130 am, Dencio's at the Fort, Makati.

Present: Winifred Medina, Florian Nuval, Zamby Arnaiz, Lia Jovellanos, Pinky Marques, Janette San Juan, Malu Santos, Dolly and Dettie Tesoro, Sunny Escareal. ( )

Sunny's recap:

Just like old times, we met, ate, drank and talked and talked and talked as in walang patid na daldalan. Ten of us attended the press con with despedida party for four, not three, classmates - Florian (LA/SF), Lia (Spain), Zamby (Vancouver) and Winifred (San Jose/SF). Pinky, Malu S, Dettie, Dolly, Janette plus ako.

Most of the Rico Yan story is already in Beth Lugtu's exclusive account. But of course, iba din pag magkwento si Ma'am Malu. Actually we just made kalokohan about the chismis that there was a woman involved. So we told her "Ikaw iyon ano?" "Tinuturuan mo si Rico ng kung ano ano" And we ended up teasing and blaming her sa pagputok ng pancreas ni Rico. OK read between the lines girls. But please, don't ever think it's true....kalokohan lang.

I also brought along the layout of the whole Yearbook. And lokang Pinky commented that the "recent photo" of a classmate was definitely not an improvement of the high school photo. When we looked, she was referring to the grade school pictures of some of our classmates which were placed instead of the recent photo. Bastus talaga! But we had a good laugh going through those grade school pictures.

Lokohan din nina Dettie, Dolly and Lia - "hindi niyo ba napapansin? Puro mukha natin ang naandiyan?" Well, sino pa ba ang nag-bigay ng pictures kundi sila, si Doris and Evelyn Angeles. And all of these from way back kinder days pa. But not to worry, I made sure all your faces appeared in the yearbook at least twice. Pati mga grade school classmates kasama din.

Anyways, we weren't contented with the food pa, we had to take an early afternoon snack/coffee at Starbucks. But by that time, Malu and Winifred had to leave us. Doon naman, Pinky told us a secret.... Secret daw. Well, a doctor was offering her free liposuction. Libre daw sa celebrity like her but I offered a package deal na lahat kami, willing gamitin sa advertisement para lang ma-libre as lipo. On her way out, she made us promise that in case she does agree to it, and if despite the lipo, wala daw kaming nakitang improvement, pretend na lang daw that there was. So I told her to text us about it so that we are forewarned.

Janette related to us her woes about her household help. To make a very long story short, do not trust maids especially those coming from an agency. Siya na nga iyong, ninakawan, hinabla pa sa baranggay and was even forced to pay backwages despite iyong mga kinuhang mga bagay sa kaniya. And then Florian also related her ordeals with a maid who, up to now, calls them up and harasses them to no end.

We called it quits at around 4 pm and promised to meet up again for another reunion sometime July when everyone had come back na. Lia is coming back for good this year.


1 May 2002. San Francisco CA. Florian Nuval and family were in town from Manila for a spring visit. SF BABES Erika Miranda and Mae Cendaña (First of May birthday celeb!) gave them a grand tour of the downtown shopping district.

BABES Mother's Day Lunch: 12 May 2002, Lafayette CA. The Tsuyukis -- Carol Gochoco, her hubby Gary, and daughters Kaitlyn and Alyssa -- hosted a noontime celebration at their home in Contra Costa County. Special guests were Manila's Florian Nuval and daughters Nicole and Noelle, San Francisco's Erika Miranda and East Bay's Mae Cendaña. ( )


21 Jun 02, Las Vegas.

Chicago's Rocky Yupangco and Colorado's Ana Agdinaoay spent the first day of summer with local resident Ann Arellano. An evening of fun and rekindled friendships! ( )

Amid Ann's zen-inspired décor, the trio talked about practically anything under the sun... school, work, family, atbp. At midnight, they went back to the Vegas Strip and continued the chikahan at MGM... all the way to almost 2 am... the longest day of the year well-spent... a most memorable evening (and morning) indeed!


11 Jun 02, Lunch at Yambi Yambao's Big Bowl of China, Legazpi St, Makati City.

Guest of honor: USDA / Florida A&M's Susie Crisostomo-Legaspi. Attendees: Dolly Tesoro, Janette San Juan, Florian Nuval, Zamby Arnaiz, Dave and Joyce (Tioseco) Froelich, Cookie Yap, Malen Hernandez, Susie Crisostomo. Standing: Sunny Escareal, Yambi Yambao. ( )

Sunny's account:

We met at Yambi's new restaurant in Greenbelt Makati called "Big Bowl of China" It's on the ground floor level outside in front of PAL Building on Legaspi Street. Clearly, this was one fantastic business venture cuz the place was jampacked and dami pang standing room. As in naghihintay talaga to get in. Buti na lang we get special treatment. :o)

Anyway, we noticed Yambi lost a lot of weight. "Kasi, waiter ako sa umaga, sa Ladida naman ako sa gabi." That's cuz she doubles as restaurant manager during the day then moves to her Ladida bar in Malate (located at 1800 Ma Orosa cor Nakpil) at night. As in ang payat ni Yambi. Caught her at the station putting ice for the bottomless iced tea. Asked her if she needed help, 9 kaming tutulong. Dami kasing tao.

BTW, our guest of honor - Susie came late. Kasi Janet ang sumundo from White Plains. Walang pakundangan sa oras at traffic. Malen also got lost. My fault. Told her it was in Glorietta. Greenbelt pala. As usual, Dave Froelich was with the love-of-his-life, Joyce. They just moved to nearby San Lorenzo Village and were aching to go home. After helping build three Universal Studios Citywalks (Hollywood, Orlando and Osaka), Dave decided to put up a business here in the Philippines -- Frolix Associates -- offering architectural design and engineering consultancy worldwide; Joyce serves as Vice-Chairman of the Board and VP for Finance. Visit their website at

Till next time, ladies. Have a nice day!


15 Jun 02, San Mateo CA.

On their way back to Tallahassee, the Legaspis stopped over for more R&R in San Francisco. Mae Cendaña and Erika Miranda -- (Bay Area Beauties both!) -- wasted no time picking Susie up from his brother's home in Burlingame. ( )

Mae wrote: "Susie, Erika and I had lunch at Macaroni Grill in San Mateo. We only met for a couple of hours since Susie still had to go to Union City to meet up with her college friend. She showed us the pictures she took of the reunion in Manila. Everyone looked great! Then, we visited the one and only Louella Albornoz at the San Bruno Library. Ayun...nagpapanggap pa rin... working hard... more like hardly working! (Louella, love yah!) As always, it was another Paulinian fun day! :o)"


8 Jul 02, High-Noon Reunion at the Olive Garden Restaurant in Enfield, CT.

Attendees: Annabelle Isaac, Carol Gochoco, and Maisa Enriquez -- SPCM GS '71 / HS '75 batchmates all! ( )

Maisa wrote:

Finally, after just staying in touch via telephone, e-mail and cards over 7or so years, Annabelle and I saw each other again. And this was only because Carol was in the Amherst area with her family, visiting her sister, Cecile. Thank God for Annabelle's familiarity with the area, she found a place where we could get together for lunch - the Olive Garden in Enfield, Connecticut, located midway between Amherst and Woodbury.

I arrived, with Katrina in tow, 5 minutes ahead of our 12 o'clock meeting time. I asked the receptionist if this was the only Olive Garden in Enfield because I was expecting them to arrive ahead of me. I called Annabelle on her cell phone, and she said she was parking her car right outside Olive Garden. I found out that our dear Annabelle drives fast, but no faster than 10 mph above the speed limit (which is 65 mph on I-91), so she left the Tsuyukis behind. She said Carol and family dropped by her house prior to our lunch date, and had a nice long chat with Annabelle's mom, who was visiting, the reason for their leaving a bit late. She's still the same Annabelle from the last time I saw her about 7 years ago, but this time with shorter hair.

A few minutes later, Carol arrived with Gary, Kaitlyn and Alyssa. And it came as no surprise to me that Carol was still very slim and fit, just as I last saw her in May Gaite's house two years ago (and she was pregnant with Alyssa at the time!!!). Gary was such a sport and you could see how much he adored his daughters, playing with them (and Katrina, too) while the three moms made "chismis!" At one time when Carol left to take Alyssa to the restroom, Gary asked Annabelle and me, "between you and me, what was Carol really like before?" Both Annabelle and I were in agreement that Carol was one of the good girls who never got into trouble and was always focused on her academics, but one who we remembered to be always in competition (academically) with her older sister, Corina. When Carol came back to our table, Gary told her what he asked us and how we answered. He noted that we must be really good friends... and Carol gave us the "thumbs up!"

We had a wonderful conversation and lunch, and most of all, a great time spent with two of my dearest friends, whose friendships date back to our grade school days.

'75 Webnote:

Annabelle was SPCM HS'75 valedictorian. A US board-certified pediatrician, Annabelle is a member of the UP College of Medicine Class of '83. She finished her residency training in pediatric pulmonology at Harvard Medical School in Boston, where she also completed numerous fellowships and certificate courses in respiratory medicine. She's currently the Medical Director of Springfield Southwest Medical Center in Springfield MA.

Carol was our salutatorian. After graduating with a BA degree in Biochemistry from Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley MA, she then went to the University of Massachusetts at Amherst where she received her M.S. and Ph.D., both in Cell and Molecular Biology. Like Annabelle, she attended Harvard Medical School in Boston for post-grad fellowships.

Maisa is a professional interior designer. She lives in CT with hubby Francis Yuvienco MD and their 2 children, Trapper and Katrina.


10 Aug, Manila Manor Hotel. Host: Alice Dizon.

( )

Sunny's report:

In attendance: Zamby Arnaiz, Pinky Marquez, Dada Paz, Lia Jovelanos, Beth Martin, Malu Santos, Dolly & Dettie Tesoro, Janette San Juan, Myrna Soriente, Kuka Antonio, Beth Bellido, Gina Pedro, Mona Albar, Yeyet Hernandez, Alice Dizon, Joyce Tiosecp, Malu Lontok, Ditas Santos, Florian Nuval, Daisy Santillan, Winifred Medina and moi, Sunny. 23 all in all. Plus ang boypren ng batch (according to Mae) - Kiko Velasco, and husband ng batch - Dave Froelich, and the kids of Yeyet, Alice and Kuka. Susan Dizon '68 and hubby, Effy Laureola (Kiko's cousin) also joined us. Later in the afternoon, Mona's two eldest sons, Jeston and JV also joined us and we even danced with them (they are D.I.s on the side).

Well, started with lunch courtesy of Alice Dizon. Collected P200 each and the food lasted until.... 12 midnight. After the chika and kain, I brought out the newest craze - the magic videokephone. and that's why we stayed until midnight. Even DAve and Kiko joined the fun. Kiko sang a duet with Malu S while Dave really started rocking and a rolling.

Would you believe everyone's looking forward to our Golden Anniversary? The target is to remain as crazy and as young looking even when we get to 67. So I asked Dave, how old will you be? But I told him that, just like the rest of us, he is not allowed to grow old. Ano yan? Peter Pan? Talks about Golden Girls and retirement and mga sakit-sakit sa katawan and instead of getting depressed - naghahalakhakan pa rin.


August 2002, San Francisco CA

( )

Mae Cendana's summary:

We, BABES, had our own Batch 75 mini-reunions last week:

Sunday, August 11 - Las Vegas Showgirl Ann Arellano visited with her family from August 11 to 13. Louella, Erika, Ann and I were at Erika's South San Francisco "immigration station" to meet the Madrids.

Wednesday, August 14 - Switzerland's Chona Matoza was also in town with beau, Bruno. Pita's Lisa, Erika and I had barbeque at Chona's new house in Hercules. Chona looked great for someone who just had a horrifying bout with chicken pox and pneumonia!

Friday, August 16 - New York Peach Mitzi and husband, Bobby, joined Bobby's fraternity on a weekend reunion in the Bay Area. Erika and I met with the couple and their friends at the Woodfin Hotel in Emeryville where most of the festivities were held. Mitzi also met with Cecile Lozada on Thursday, August 15.


19 Oct 02, Tequila Joe's Restaurant, Makati City.

( )

Sunny wrote:

Our lunch with Rocky was great. We were nine all in all - Dolly Tesoro, Corby Balda, Yambi Yambao, Rocky Yupangco, Marisa Martinez, Pinky Marquez, Zamby Arnaiz, Myrna Soriente and myself. Had lunch at Tequila Joe's. We had fun talking about the jet-setting life-style of the very busy Rocky Y. And we all asked her to hire us as her personal assistants and translators. Type na type daw kasi ni Yambi iyong once a month trip abroad plus gazillions of domestic flights in and around the US of A. Kaya't sa sobrang busy ni Ms. Rocky, she applied as her advance party. Tipong "Hi, Good Morning. Ms. Rocky is running a little late but will be here in around 15 minutes. In the meantime, we were sent over to entertain you with some songs by Ms. Pinky Marquez which will be vidoed by our very own, Ms. Sunny Velasco. Of course, if you have anything to import from the Philippines, please feel free to discuss the matter with Ms. Rocky's Import Export Expert - Ms. Dolly Tesoro. Of course, when in Spain and Latin America, Ms. Marisa Martinez will act as her Spanish Translator while our half-Korean friend, Ms. Zamby Arnaiz will be her personal assistant while in Asia. I am Yambi Yambao, her personal assistant in America." Say niyo? Eh di lahat kami may trabaho.


28 Oct 2002, Muntinlupa City.

Special guest: NJ's Shella Navarro.

( )

Sunny's report:

We finally were able to track down Shella thru Malu Santos alias McGarret (Hawaii Five-O) and decided to have dinner at Alabang. First had dinner at Red Crab with Malu, Janette, Beth Reyes, Shella, Dettie and moi. Then we all transferred to Veritas for coffee and wine. Zamby joined us there. Shella came home to visit her mom.

Shella is even thinner now than when we saw her during the homecoming and this she credits to Yoga. Naku! Sabi namin ni Ma'am Malu, hindi ata uubra sa amin iyang pag-papayat na iyan. Umpisa pa lang, mag-tatawanan na kami. But it is true that for those who are into it, it will really help. Well, maybe, when we find the time, we might be able to do this. Teka, I remember, that when Rocky came over, she also was into this Pilatos thing (tama ba iyon?) You guys over there are really getting to be health freaks, huh? Talo pa kami dito where we all should be having more time to go to the gym or spa or whatever. Kami pa itong puro matataba. Oooops! Except si Ms. Zamby. Payat na and wearing hanging blouses pa. Say niyo?


30 Oct 2002, Bistro Remedios, Manila.

Special guest: Sr Miriam, SPC.

( )

Sunny's account:

I got to see Sr. Miriam - our grade school principal who was in Manila for a visit. She told me to pick her up at Malvar. So I thought she was at the Sisters' home in Malvar street. I kept ringing the doorbell only to find out that she was sitting on the other side of the street near the security guard. The guard had to rush to the other side to tell me that Sr. Miriam was waiting for me.

Had lunch with her along with my mom and sister Chiqui at the Bistro Remedios. My mom and Sr. Miriam were so happy to see each other again after all these years and swapped stories about what it was like when my mom had to go to SPCM to enroll all 7 children at one time (including my brother who went there for kindergarten.) The first thing she said to my mom "You're still beautiful." And my mom is now nearing 75 years.

Sr. Miriam still looks beautiful and that's because she has Jesus in her heart. "How can you have Jesus in your heart and be masungit? Cannot be. Kaya ako, I always make it a point to smile at everyone and that keep me looking young." Nakakatuwa nga si Sr. Miriam when she makes kwento about her experiences in Tugegarao where she has been assigned since the 1990s. One particular story I liked was when she refused to kick out two of the students who had rallied against the school and she stood by them until the end. After so many years, one of them, who had already graduated and was working already, came back and asked her why she did not kick them out? Sr. Miriam said that if she did, then they would never have finished schooling. Besides, she said that she took care of them in the name of Jesus. And then she said that when she got there, no one greeted her. Eh diba, tayo sa SPCM, lahat ng nakaputi, we have to greet. So she made it an effort to greet everyone and soon, everyone responded to her in the same manner.

Anyway, it was such an experience listening to her. Everything seems so at peace with Sr. Miriam. Hindi ka talaga pwedeng magalit sa iba when you hear her out. Her patience in dealing with teachers, students and nuns alike is amazing. I wish all school administrators are like her. Then maybe the students of this generation will have a chance at a better future and developing stronger values. Oh, well, wishful thinking.

We brought her back after lunch and found out that she was staying at the old cloister. Told her that I finally was able to enter the cloister when Sr. Luisa allowed us to go up to take pictures and the main entrance was locked. Did not get to their sleeping quarters though, doon lang sa staircase going up to the chapel. BTW, they are fixing up the first floor of the chapel to make way for the museum. And the Botong Francisco mural was removed from the Auditorium for safekeeping. The Alumnae Association had one fantastic face-lift. Airconditioned na and bigger space. Daming nangyayari sa SPCM ano? Anyway, we left Sr. Miriam at the entrance and she kissed us all good-bye and all this time, she was smiling. She promised to keep in touch with us when she comes home to Manila.

(Sr Miriam also met with SPCM HS'76 Paulinians Tavi Villapando, Vivian Recio, Agnes Cayco and Shankee Sancianco during her Manila visit. In addition to helping the retired and ailing nuns at the SPC Vigil House, '76ers are also trying to raise scholarship funds for Education students of St Paul University, a project of Sr Miriam. For more info on the 76ers' community outreach endeavors, please check out or email Shankee at Thanks)!


25 Nov 02, NYC

Laurie Abad Santos was two weeks away from delivering her first baby; area classmates honored her with a shower. Attendees: Cecile Lozada (a visiting San Francisco BABE, the shower also served as her Manhattan welcome-back party), Mitzi Ambion (SPCM HS'75 East Coast Coordinator); Shella Navarro (Newark's ER Star); Suzanne Camacho (Long Island RN) and Mariechelle Llagas (PEACH Lady from JC). ( )

Ching's recap:

We were six in all including Laurie. Shella was luckily off that day or swapped her day off, Suzanne did the same or called in sick, Mitz arranged for someone to babysit her niece and I took the afternoon off from work. Mitz, Shella, Cecile and I met at my office building and Sue drove all the way from Suffolk NY to Laurie's condo in NYC. Muntik pang mahuli ng police coz she answered her cell phone while driving, akala niya ako. Good thing she is a good actress, explained to the police that she is a nurse and answered the phone thinking it's one of her patients.

We ordered food from Olive Garden and picked it up. Cecile and Mitz bought a disposable camera while Shella and I bought soda. When we got there, Laurie and Sue were already chatting their hearts away. We ate lunch and made kwento in between. As expected, walang katapusang kwentuhan at tawanan. Si Sue is really great to be around... she told us stories when she was still working as a nurse in Cebu; magaling palang mag-assist si Sue sa childbirth. Laurie shared with us her love story and experience during pregnancy...

Before I forget,I need to acknowledge those who sent their warm wishes to Laurie for her baby shower. The batch gave her and Tony a year's subscription to Parents Magazine. Nilagay namin sa isang small picture album all your sentiments and wishes and she was really delighted. Well wishers came from all over the world....we had Lady B greeting from UK, Jowie Corpus Marfori from Toronto, Canada, Maisa Enriquez Yuvienco from Woodbury, CT, Ana Arellano Madrid from Las Vegas, Nevada (akala niya taga Spain ka!), Mae Cendana and Patty Hidalgo from Northern California and Ms. Sunny Escareal, from the Phils.

Laurie looks wonderful and beautiful....sabi nga ni Cecile Lozada, she didn't look pregnant, she looked like she swallowed a big watermelon. And she is very strong and can move about so easily. Laurie is expecting to have a baby girl and her name is going to be KIA, named after Ki energy that Laurie is a master of.

As you can see from the pictures, we didn't have time to decorate the conference room, kaya we just held the baby shower banner during the pictorials and made the paper plates our props. Laurie on her ninth month is still busy with her clients -- working as a financial planner/broker with a top brokerage firm and also with her Ki energy classes. She said she will be on leave starting Thanksgiving and will spend at least 3 full months with her newborn. Shella and Sue promised to see her early Spring to get some Ki energy treatment.

Our kwentuhan and celebration started at 1PM until 5 PM. For sure, if we didn't have any trains to catch, no children waiting at home, we could have stayed a few more hours. Cecile Lozada promised to visit us again soon next year with Marlou H in tow. This time not near the holiday season para hindi siksikan masyado sa airports. All in all, we all had a good time, a great time.


24-30 Nov, Las Vegas NV

Brenda Martinez, Maisa Enriquez, Maddy Zamora, Erika Miranda, Mae Cendaña, Chiqui Escareal '79, Ann Arellano in week-long reunion! ( )

Ann Arellano-Madrid's recap:

We had such a great time...words aren't enough to describe our reunion. A year in the making made it more exciting to look forward to. One week was short, the 1-day of Tksgiving Dinner even shorter...kung puede nga lang i-time warp, eh ginawa na namin 'to. So here goes.


Brenda arrived evening, Sat/23Nov. We connected Sun. night & I was to pick her up 615am for the next 3days so we could do our morning workouts at the Gym. She hasn't changed much in appearance except for her shortened hair, vedy-vedy British accent as well as her fluent French twang w/c she can switch to at ease. It's her accent that will catch you more than anything else, an attraction that caught Erika's attention as I'll tell you later. Brenda is quite an organized lady & will carry as much as 3 different bags to put in her stuff -- di puede ang mini cooper for her kase too small so Range Rover ang car nya. One thing w/ Lady B, you know where you are w/ her coz she doesn't mince words & sorry ka na lang if u don't get it. But among friends, she's helpful, gracious & is a good me! (hahaha). As usual, she & Maddy had time together and heaven knows more juicy secretos surfaced, but my lips are sealed. At curfew? wat's dat mean? Brenda stayed w/ friends near Ann's house & would be dropped off at odd hours till it came to a point na grounded muna sya for 2days dahil "good girl" muna sya sa host nya.


Tu/26Nov, Ann & Brenda pick up Maddy, Tony (her Beau) & Randall (her son). Maddy is slim as ever. She was promoted to Capt earlier in the fall. Quite precise in her speech and able to cram so much in 3 days: means parang si Tazmanian Devil gumalaw si Maddy. Her days are always filled & ito ata yung tao na di mauubusan ng things to do coz she likes things moving muy rapido. Randall told me (when I drove him to the airport) "I'm proud of my Mom; she's in the Air Force!" w/ such gusto & sincerity that it made me realize that all her pagod, efforts, hirap, ekekek, labs sya ng bunso nya. Mads, I know it's not easy being a single parent, but I gotta hand it to you, you've got some great pluck, Captain. And tho kids may not always do as Moms want them to do lalo na yung chores, we just have to do our best. Girls, Maddy helped me super clear Nikolai's room to make it ready for Maisa, minutes before we were to pick her up sa airport. Pigil na pigil yung crispy pata kong Tagalog w/c I revert to when I'm displeased w/ anything or anyone. Anyway, Nikko came to me later in the day saying in a contrite voice that he felt bad we'd to clear his room as he was gonna do it once we'd left. Good boy naman my bunso so I said "It's ok, Tita Maddy helped me fix it." Pala, we all had late nite dinner: $2.99 Steak & Eggs w/c was an unbelievable deal but really, this is normal for LV.


Lunch special of the day (We/27Nov) was Maisa who's plane arrived on time. So far so good as everyone was flying in on sked. Screams & tili at the curbside when Maisa was picked up: Brenda went down to search for her while Maddy stayed w/ me in the van. When she saw da 2 of them, sabay baba at iniwan ako mag-isa at nag-titilian to death ang mga walanghiya samantalang dakilang tsuper ako! Muntik ko na nang layasan bigla ang mga 'to at kung di pa nag-senyas ang airport sikyo to move, eh magtatagal pang magtatalon ang 3 bonsai na Maisa, Brenda at Maddy. Maisa has grown more attractive from the HS gel that I remembered. Very classy & has that typical East Coast glam. Ultra slim as ever, Erika & I just wondered how she stayed slender! Kakainis ... hmmmp. Also, may usapan palang mag-shopping ang Brenda at Maisa so whip out agad ang credit card sa curbside pa lang! Eh bokia coz I'd to drag them all to finish my grocery shopping w/ da list Erika gave for our dinner. Note: Erika was arriving 5hours after Maisa so we had that time to get it all done! Mission accomplished naman & w/ much creativity, we were all able to bring ourselves to the Strip where the rest of us waited habang Jes (my dakilang hubby) picked up Erika, Tony & Louie.

We all had buffet dinner sa Excalibur & kodakan ulit. Actually, ako lang ang may Kodak, mga 'day dahil Maisa, Erika, Maddy all had Di-jai-tal cameras! Left behind aki dahil retarded kodak lang yung sa 'kin. Siempre, long table dahil dami namin sa party at buffet fitted us right dahil lahat gutom & eat all u can lang ang puede mag-satisfy. Gluttons that we are, we'd jog to the city after da pagka-porky pig eating. Labas-pasok sa mga casino sabay collecta ng mga tabo coz they make such good souvenirs. After watching da Bellagio fountains dance to "Titanic" w/c is the best so far (dramatic effect), we walked across to the Aladdin where Erika's Tony won $75 from the $1 he dropped sa slots at the very 1st hit! This happened while Erika did her "thing" of marking territory sa Strip by hitting their Restrooms & doing #1! She treated everyone w/ a round of Starbucks coffee & then we all headed home na. So my "cast" was almost complete: I'd a "Royal" visitor; homeland security from USAF; Exec Chef & Sous Chef from West & East Coast; Showgirl Hostess (ako yun); paningit Escareal rep, Chiqui & our entertainer, Mae na lang ang missing coz THu/28Nov pa ang dating.


Bagsak si Maisa, our Sous Chef when we got home coz she was running on Eastern Time but not Erika, who was bursting still w/ energy that she started to prep 1/3 of our dinner before calling it a day! I'm amazed at her culinary skills, half of which I can't even master kaya nga like I told my Mom:

Mom: "But, Darling, you invited all these girls, you can't even cook?"

Ann: "Ma, kaya so sila i-ninvite coz da deal was I'll host, they'll cook kaya I imported my chefs from da East (Maisa) & West (Erika) coast.

Bilib si Mader & Pader ko coz they were wondering how I'll pull off Tksgiving Dinner eh last year silang gumawa! Anyway, all day long was spent leisurely chatting, prepping, cooking: Erika/Maisa moved easily sa kitchen & na-memorize na nila ang laman ng cabinets/drawers/pantry ko more than me. I made last minute trips to the store to buy stuff pati 2doz Krispy Kreme w/c Maisa was curious about -- she finished 1doz daw accgg to Erika! At 200 calories apiece, no wonder sugar-high sya at nabihisan ng garlic gown yung Broiled Salmon at Mushroom Chicken. The whole house reeked of garlic, no aswang would dare enter. The Boyz went to the Casino to place their Sports Bets for the Football game leaving us girls alone w/c was fine.

Finally, time to pick up Chiqui-tita Banana sa MGM. Muntik ko nang i-laglag sa 215 Freeway coz di ako dinalhan ng Tong na Pastillas de Leche!Ms Batch '79, may utang ka pa 'kin, okay? It was easy to spot her coz tandaan ko lang ang mukha ni Sunny so off we went to the airport na to pick up Mae & her kids. Last arrival na 'to & I was praying na wag ma-delay coz everyone else came on time & we weren't eating till Mae was w/ us. God is good & we made it so tawag sa bahay si Mae to Erika:

Mae: "Oy Inday, parating na kami ni M'am Ann. Initin mo na yung pagkain."

Erika: "Mga bwisit...tapos na kaming kumain....#*$!!!@!"

We all had fun: Maisa decorated the food so well. Erika outdid herself cooking, broiling. Both of them would make Ms Aguila so proud of herself at how much she taught them well, di ba gehls? Naaah! ang sabay nilang reply dahil after Ms Aguila daw sila talagang natuto. Ungrateful talaga. If not for the 2 of you, Pollo Loco ang dinner natin! Eto ang menu: Misua Soup, Embutido, Tony Diestro Ribs (laglag sa bones, man), Shrimp Linguini Creamy Pasta, Broiled Salmon w/ Garlic, Baked Mushroom Chicken, Lumpia Shanghai, Fabulous Potato Salad, Tossed Green Salad, Ambrosia Salad, Steamed Rice. What a great feast this was. NOtice no turkey? Well, concession was it was TUrkey Embutido. Sa mga di nakakaalam, Ann & Turkey are not prens! That birdie forced me to stop my van when it decided to cross back n forth several times, undecided w/c way to go since sa gitna sya. In frustration I honked while contemplating running him over while his cowl of a neckline was shaking. Eh si birdie went to da driver's front tire & started to make tuka-tuka da gulong! Omaygad...scared naman ako bumaba at hahabulin ako for sure at wat if magtawag pa sya ng tropa! So soon as coast was clear, I made like crazy sabay sigaw back to him (rolled down my window), "Humanda ka, nanganganib ka next Tksgiving!"


Apart from being da dishwasher (nagdala ng 2pairs kitchen gloves), dahil yung lang daw ang laging pinagagawa ni Ms Aguila sa kanya, Mae sang for us after dinner. As usual, the boys left for the Strip so all da girls were left behind & this was when we opened the wine bottles that Brenda & Maisa brought. Mae sang songs by Pink & J. Lo w/ mini-choreography pa, possibly her songs for the San Beda Xmas Party this December. Pink's song stuck to my head until now & I've a hard time getting it out, "I'm coming down coz we gotta get this party started...!" Bwiset. At least yung "Waiting for Tonite" eh I can block out but, man, still in my head pa din si Pink. Took a mini-film footage of the food, dinner & Mae's singing for us, copies of which I'll mail later to those who came to the reunion for the memories.


Friday after Tksgiving, Maisa, Mae & Ann had Spa Day appointments. Sleep in late si Erika naman w/c she deserved. As usual, tinawagan ni Mae ulit si Erika to tell her we were on da way home and for her to make Sinangag, heat the Ribs, ekekek dahil mga gutom na sina M'am Ann, Maisa at Mae! Warning: graphic words next. "Eh, M'am, tapos na kami... $#@% na lang ang pakakain sa inyo!!!"

After gorging ourselves w/ leftovers, I set up my massage table once more for Erika. I'd previously worked on Brenda's spine for 1 hour as she had a back injury. Kunwari "shy" pa kuno si Erika dahil hiya daw sya maghubad coz I'll see all her taba. Haay, nako, kadaming objections w/c I overuled & finally had her on da table. So eto, I did a hot stone massage on her w/c had her drooling later to da point na naghubad din ang aking Exec Chef sa sarap! Later worked on Tony's back, Maisa's Hand/Feet for awhile. Mae had her turn just before she left. When Jes saw the Hot Stones were used again, sabi nya, "Hmmmmp, nag-Rock Concert na naman kayo!"


Hirit ng prime rib at seafood buffet dinner si Mae. So last evening namin, we did this & she managed to eat 3platefuls of crablegs, 1 plate of primerib atbp, 1plate of diff ulam & finally desert. How she devoured this sa liit nya, ewan ko but I was done w/ 2plates & desert. We had our late evening get-together w/ Brenda 1 last time as they were both flying out Monday morning na. We all kissed, hugged each other for the longest time, everytime someone would leave. Took lotsa pictures of each other, 1 w/ the girls & their kids sa stairs w/c I hope will turn out well. Our children all get along well, having strong musical inclinations as a bond apart from their mothers who of course were HS classmates. Sabi nga ni Jes I should write a book about this & I'm inclined to agree w/ him, the subject of which I've brought up w/ the girls so they know that this may be in the making. Something to look forward to in our coming twilight years, di ba? Dearest girlfriends, I'm so humbled by all of you: your talents, your goodness, your wonderful golden hearts that so willingly share. Already & still I miss all of you & there's an ache in my heart at the same time a great joy at seeing all of you. I just love you all & thank you for coming to share this holiday with us. See you all same time next year!


21 Dec 2002, Celebrity Plaza, Capitol Hills Drive, QC.

Dancing and singing the night away with a retro-band -- a birthday present from Doc Florian's hubby, Doc Nilo. (



May 02, Le Souffle at The Fort.

Alice Cuazon, Beth Reyes and Malu Santos attend a baptismal party and find themselves hobnobbing with showbiz stars including Joyce Jimenez and Randy Santiago. Photos at .


Popular matinee idol Rico Yan peacefully died in his sleep of acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis leading to cardiac arrest while vacationing at the newly-reopened Dos Palmas Arreceffi Island Resort in Palawan last Good Friday, 29 March 2002. In her account below, our batchmate Beth Reyes shares her family's wonderful memories of the time they spent with Rico, mere hours before he passed on.

Some background info: Beth and Chiching76's Puerto Princesa-based brother Jun and wife Rosalie Reyes were the MDs who first attended to Rico when he was found... Arnold Clavio is a GMA-7 host and the Reyeses' nephew... Nappa Restaurant in QC is owned by the family of Nina, wife of Malu Santos' brother Carling... Tequila Joe's and Timbuktu Restaurants were co-owned by Rico. ( )

Beth's account:

Here's my first hand report on the death of Rico Yan.

We left for Palawan last Tuesday, March 26. I was with my entire family, (minus Ces, he followed us on Thursday).

At the check-in counter, Rico Yan and his group, Dominic Ochoa, his GF, Janna Victoria and 2 friends from Smart Communications, Guido and Fenny, were infront of us. I was lining up with the owner of Dos Palmas, Ivan Lim. I saw their DOS PALMAS baggage tags. I told Ivan, naku...they're going to Dos Palmas pala. So Ivan talked with them na din.

When we reached the Puerto Princesa airport, i approached Rico and pointed to him my daughter, Patet, I said, she's really a big fan of yours, pa-KODAK naman. He said, "Opo, ngayon na po"?. I said, "in dos palmas na lang, we'll be there on Thursday". Then he said, "sige po, mas maganda pa". End of conversation.

Thursday....we all went to Dos Palmas.....met up with Ces, Malu Santos and our dentist, Doc Larry, who was going to perform for 2 nights. Excited kami, because we all know, star-studded ang Dos, plus ARNOLD CLAVIO, newscaster and a relative of ours, came in with his family.

Dinnertime......I made sure, their table was close to ours, as in BILIN na sa mga waiters. So each time their group got food from the buffet table, hinaharang ko sila to make them kulit....KODAKAN!

Doc Larry, showtime na.....he played the piano and started asking the guest to jam with him.....until he called in Arnold Clavio who sang with my daughter, Trisia. Me naman, I was in the table of Arnold, right beside the table of sina Rico....nakikipag chismisan with the wife of Arnold. After their song, Trisia came up to me to give me a glass of wine. So, me naman, intro ko siya sa group ni Rico Yan, my eldest daughter, Trisia.....Rico stood up and shook her hands and he said "You've got a nice voice". (i'm sure kilig anak ko, but I was totally more KILIG!).

So...sing..sing pa other guests.....until Doc Larry called Rico to jam with him. No star complex, no arte, he stood up and went sa stage. His first song was Simply Jesse, dedicated to the Reyes Family (kami yun). He ended it with "I LOVE YOU PATET" and went to my youngest daughter to kiss her. Siyempre, TILI, KILIG kami!!! Dominic Ochoa sang too....then Arnold again....we requested Rico to sing with Trisia.....sing naman sila, CRAZY FOR YOU and CRUISIN. Rico was soooooo ganado to sing, parang concert na nga.....he sang GOT TO BELIEVE with Dominic and Malu, forever pa-kodak on stage (this footage is always being shown in Channel 7), his last song was FALLING FOR YOU.

In the meantime, their group, sina Dominic moved next to our table na, closer to the more sigawan, lokohan....all fun, fun talaga. My parents danced pa to the song SOMEDAY (Arnold Clavio, singing) with Dominic and Janna, dancing too, tapos si Ces with our daughters.

We were also planning to visit the Lapu-lapu Farm.....sey ni Rico, please take us along, our cottage is 6A (as if I didn't know), please call us.....they invited us to join them in Snake Island too.

They were asking Malu for discounts at NAPPA RESTAURANT, kasi fav place of Dominic and Rico naman..."call me when you're going to TEQUILA JOE'S, i will have SEA BASS prepared for you".

We left them mga past 12 na.....almost 1 Am....

The next day......we were at the beach....around 10 am......we saw the shuttle service rushing, with my brother and sister-in-law. Jun even waved at parang, wala thing...we saw them going back.....but this time, there was somebody on a stretcher, i said pa nga to the kids, wag niyo istorbo, Ninoy (Jun) has a patient. We all thought matanda, kasi....they were doing a CPR. Everything happened so fast......load sa speedboat....Jun told us, they didn't stop reviving him until they reached the hospital, nilagyan ng cardiac monitor, pero flat line na.

I saw Janna and Fenny.....they said, they went back to their cottage at 3 AM......and Rico, Dominic and Guido were horsing around, in very happy around 5 am, Rico went out to smoke.....sila naman, sleeping na......and then they heard parang kalabog, but knowing Rico, he is really noisy daw for them it was just a usual around 6 AM, they heard a loud snore, that woke all of them up....then again, Rico daw snores really loud, that's why he's in the second floor. For them, it was all normal. Until around 9:30 AM.....dominic was waking up Rico, he saw him pale.

My Mom and Dad were so touched when Rico made an effort to shake their hands when they were about to leave. How can i forget when he approached Patet and I and said "Tita, can i just wait for Patet?" And how he hugged Patet. That evening, he left my family with so much memories.

All we can offer him now are our prayers....we're lucky, we saw him at his happiest.


June 2002, Reyes Residence, Dasmariñas Village, Makati City.

Beth wrote: "It was a very sad moment.... Bobby, Geraldine, Rico's bodyguard... everyone was crying. The family thought they were ready to see the video... after all this time, none of us were... it brought back so many fond memories. You know how hot that video was? ABS-CBN Channel 2's Karen Davila, Ces Drilon, people from Rico's sitcom "Whattamen", among others, were so persistently calling my house to get a copy of it! GMA-7's Arnold Clavio was given a few short footages but definitely not the whole thing. My brother decided to show it only to the family."



27 Jan, SPCM: OPM - Outstanding Paulinian Moment - SPCM HS77's All-Star Homecoming Show!

( )

Recap from Sunny Escareal:

Attended the homecoming of Batch 77. The festivities kicked off with a mass at 3, merienda cena at almost 5, and their show entitled "An OPM Homecoming" started at around 7 pm. but was worth the wait.

They started off with Ivy Violan rendering a completely different version of the second part of the Paulinian Hymn. Then the Jubilarians, including the Goldens, danced the swing joined in.) Then there were also several dances that were rendered by the Ruby and Golden J'S. There were a lot of highlights of the program since they had a lot of guests - Rico J Puno, Marco Sison, Jaya, Hajji Alejandro, Jon Santos and Regine Velasquez. Fantastic presentation of course by Ana Puno and her Maximedia Group. Richard Merck also co-hosted along with '77 ladies Malu Maglutac-Chiongbian and Vicky Sarmiento-Tambunting.

Met up with sina Malene Baron and sina Sandra Suarez of BAtch 78. Their turn next year - our little sisters. Also met some of Sarita's batchmates SPCM HS 1980. Told them that we will be the Pearl Jubilarians when they are the Silver Jubilarians. Of course, my sister Chiqui's batch were there and we totally enjoyed ourselves, especially when Hajji Alejandrocame out and sang. We started screaming - parang mga colegialas and I just couldn't help it - I told them we had to shout "I love you Hajji!!!" It wouldn't have been complete without it. And we did it three times pa. Jon Santos impersonated Armida Siguion Reyna and he was hilarious. Rico J inserted "....nang tayo'y Paulinians pa." in his song "They way we were." Type kong mag-host din si Richard Merck. Sayang - Pinky was invited to join the cast but she had to beg off.

Oops! Before I forget, they honored Fr. Reuter during the mass. Say mo, they also got the Ateneo Alumni Glee Club to sing during the mass. Mas matatanda nga lang. Turns out I even knew one of them, Gil Yuzon who is married to a friend Sylvia Yuzon. Mga batch 1960's iyan. Joked him nga that it was also a reunion of Ateneans cuz they occupied one whole table during the merienda.

Over-all it was great, Fun and not as tiring as before. Half-day festivities kasi.

I'm sure sina Ayi will make a more detailed report in their website. Wait for it na lang.


Meena Sehwani's review:

The 27th affair on Sunday was entitled "An OPM Homecoming (Outstanding Paulinian Moment) ... (which it definitely turned out to be as it was the most talked-about show in St Paul's for the longest time, daw).

Registration began at 2pm (see programme) with about 60+ girls from our batch in attendance. It sure felt nice to be back in our old school grounds, much improved I must say, now with swimming pool & gym facilities. The Golden girls (my mom's batch) were all blooming, naka-terno pa silang lahat. The Silver belles (our batch) came in black pants & tops in all shades of bright colors.

At 3pm we heard mass in our chapel con-celebrated by Fr. James Reuter, who was honored with an award given by SPCM for his contribution to the school throughout the years. The golden girls sang in the choir, as well as the golden boys of the the Ateneo Glee Club. The mass ended with a picture taking session at the altar (we are a very narcissist group).

We then proceeded to the quadrangle at 4:30pm for meals & socials, while there was a raffle & short program led by Ms. Reynoso (remember her?) SPCM Alumnae president.

At 6pm, everyone hurried to the auditorium to get good seats for the show (the main event), as there was a long line of people waiting outside, who eventually filled up the theatre (1,200 capacity), with mostly alumnae, students & their families.

The show began at 6:30pm and was emceed by Malu Maglutac, Vicky Tambunting & Richard Merck. Ivy Violan opened the show with a re-arranged version of our Paulinian hymn, while old school pictures flashed on a big screen above her. Next came a dance number by six of our batchmates, Malu Maglutac, Ana Co, Vicky Tambunting, Tetet Dolendo, Mila Lagac and Diana Zamora, who danced the swing to an OPM medley of songs with their DIs. This was followed by Rico Puno who sang "Memories (The Way We Were)" while more picture were flashed. Later came other song numbers by artists Richard Merck, Hajji, Jaya, Marco Sison, & Regine Velasquez plus a comedy skit by Jon Santos who dressed up like one of the golden girls & spoofed an Armida-like character. Interspersed with these were dance numbers by the other alumnae batches and a classical piano performance by HS Golden Jubilarian Nena del Rosario Villanueva, the Philippines' first piano prodigy.

It was great and definitely first-class entertainment. The crowd was awed & the nuns were thrilled -- I've never seen Sr. George so ecstatic as she was that night. The show's finale was a duet by Ivy Violan & Marco Sison who sang Umagang Kayganda as all of us '77ers joined them on stage to sing the refrain ... "basta tayo'y magkasama, laging mayroong umagang kayganda..." This was followed by the Paulinian hymn as they showered green & gold confetti on us. We ended the show by presenting our president Ayie Cruz with a bouquet of flowers & some short, unrehearsed words of appreciation from Katrina Ponce-Enrile in between sobs & tears, for all her hard work & commitment to this homecoming celebration.

The show was professionally put together by Ana Co & her team at Maxi-Media Productions (together with our other batchmates whose efforts are irreplaceable). Believe me, it was truly an event we Paulinians can all by proud of. WE DID IT!!! (Source:


Sat, 6 Apr. Sunset District, San Francisco CA.

( )

Recap by Marela Mijares-Flick '80:

I am so very, very glad I attended the April 6 reunion in San Francisco. Wow, ang saya talaga! The eight-hour drive was definitely worth it (bale nine hours, including a lunch stop in Gilroy, garlic capital of the U.S., but that's a different story).

Although the reunion was supposed to have officially started at 2 p.m., some people came early. Na-excited siguro. I arrived at Michelle Cendaña's story-book blue house near the beach at 3 p.m. She has the most beautiful garden in her back yard. That's because she's a landscape designer. Pang-magazine layout yung backyard niya!

Hay naku, I'm really not sanay to these super-tall San Francisco houses, so I'm not sure if I was the only one who ended up knocking on the garage door when I arrived. Buti nalang Sophia Rola saw me coming and she came down the stairs to get me.

So as I was climbing up the Mt. Everest of stairs, Audrey and Lisa Cendaña? each with a baby on her hip, napaka-maternal ng dating ? started screaming at the top of their lungs as a warm gesture of salutation. Welcoming committee, Paulinian style. I couldn't stop laughing. Their babies weren't the least bit bothered by the tilian. Tipong sanay na sanay na. One was even yawning.

There's something wonderful and magical about seeing old, familiar faces again after 24 years or so. All I can say is, for the most part, everyone pretty much looked the same way. Except for a few lines here and there, the smiles and the eyes haven't changed, and the laughter was richer. It was such a comforting experience.

There were a few girls from batch 75 (Ate Mae's), two from '76 (Dee Leyva and Cris Lorenzo) some from ours, and even more from batch 79 (Audrey's batch).

From our batch, aside from Sophia, Lisa and me, there were Kat-Kat Niguidula, Jenny Lee and Bebet Abiva. If I forgot to mention anyone, please speak up. Pardon my alzheimer's! Sometime later, Kat's sister Nadine (batch 79) arrived. Ate Mae and Sophia picked up Louella Albornoz. I'm sure you remember her. She is still as funny and witty as ever. Example, I was making kwento about how kawawa that Pinoy folk singer from the 70s, Florante, is these days, kasi my brother told me he's working as a parking attendant somewhere in Southern California.

Louella: Ba't naging ganun siya?

Me: Wala kasi siyang business savvy.

Louella: Sinong nag-savvy?

Ang tindi ano? I don't think I could top that. Sobrang bilis ng utak niya.

The food was really good because Michelle's husband, Dave Bond, is a chef (at Café Riggio, 4112 Geary Blvd - between 5th and 6th Ave - San Francisco). I loved the Chinese Chicken Salad! I felt bad for Lisa, she finally ate somewhat late na kasi she had to take care of little Sabrina, who is the cutest little China doll you ever saw! She really looks like her dad, so Bebet and I were teasing her. Sabi ni Lisa, "Wait til she starts talking. Lalabas yung genes ko." Tama siguro si Lisa because her baby is so madaldal. She keeps babbling and cooing every time we're making chika, trying to join our conversation.

Speaking of babies, Bebet's little Belle was such a cutie pie as well! She has grown since I last saw her, and seems to smile quite a bit more. Her dad really adores her and I could tell this baby is going to be a daddy's girl. Bebet is so thin these days. Katropa na ni Kat-Kat. Bruha talaga. Audrey's toddler Tommy is also an adorable little pumpkin, running here and there! Too precious for words! Her other son, Jordan, is so guapo and is my son's age.

Sometime after Louella arrived, Michelle brought out her guitar and, imagine this, a book-bound stack of old Jingle magazines! Memories ba? I wanted to thumb through it, kaso lang I might end up reading it for the next two hours, so I stopped myself. So ayun, Michelle started playing old songs, and most of us were singing. Tapos, the Cendaña sisters started singing some of our old Glee Club songs. Ibang klase talaga. They're still sooo good. Singing is really in their blood. That alone was worth the trip. By the way, Ate Mae, who is still pretty and kikay after all these years, is singing with a band again. Stay tuned for more details in the future.

Anyway, going back to the reunion singing, all of us who were from the Glee Club sang our award-winning song, "Chatanooga Choo-Choo" in four-part harmony. I sang in Rica's honor (kasi I know she's been wanting to sing that with the group, plus we were both soprano) and all I can say is walang sinabi ang Manhattan Transfer. We blended so well pa rin after all these years. Yabang ba? Wala akong pake. We kick ass pa rin. Tapos, everyone sang the Paulinian Hymn, "Hark, Daughters of the Great St. Paul." Doon sa mga high parts ng song, Louella sang Mariah Carey style, yung tipong pinakulot niya yung mga nota. Nakapikit pa ang bruha, with matching facial expressions and diva-style hand gestures. It was so hilarious.

I had to leave at about 10:30 p.m. but I hear the party lasted until about 3 a.m. I had such a great time, and I'm sure everyone did too! Thank you so much to Michelle for graciously hosting the event at her house! Thanks to all the Cendaña sisters for making sure we all had a wonderful time! You guys are the best.

Mae Cendaña's report:

As promised, here's the scoop on Erika and Louella....

Erika arrived at Michelle's at around 12:30. The party was supposed to start at 2:30 but since Erika had to go to Cathy's debut, sabi niya mauuna na siya. By 2:15, Erika was ready to leave but isa-isang dumarating ang mga Paulinians. So, it took her another 30 minutes to say goodbye. Naipit nang naipit sa introductions and KODAKAN. If you remember, Erika has just had surgery over a month ago and is still recuperating from post-opt symptoms - ano ka'mo? Bloating! Feeling niya she's always bloated and kept saying "ayoko nang kumain, ayoko nang kumain" but, nge... wala rin --- kain din nang kain!

Around 5:30, I called Louella's house and got to talk to her first born, Steven. (BTW, Steven is now a high school track coach.) Sabi ko, "Steven, I'll borrow your mom for the night, OK?" Payag naman ang mabait na anak! He gave me his dad's cellphone number since he knew that Louella and family were out in San Francisco State University attending Gabriel's (2nd son) college (yes, college!) orientation. So, tawag kaagad ako kay Andrew (Louella's husband).

Mae: Andrew, hihiramin ko yang asawa mo tonight, OK?

Andrew: Sure!!!

OK, 'no? Payag lahat!

On the way back to the party, Louella told us about her harrowing experience as a Special Instructor (I forgot the more sophisticated term) to a kid who has Down syndrome. Ayaw na daw niya if she wants to KEEP her body parts together! Apparently, the little girl is really VERY high maintenance that Louella literally has to watch her every move. Nabali-balian nga daw siya from running after the child every time the girl decides to run to the parking lot in the middle of class. People working in that school are REALLY surprised how Louella can hang on all this time. So, to keep her sanity (or insanity) Louella will just finish this school year and return to her library and other school jobs. But she loves the kid, like her own so so she thinks that what kept her going. I suggested that, maybe, she should apply in a special ed school because now that she has the credentials, she can ask for a better position and pay (of course!) Kaya, abangan nalang natin ang susunod na kabanata sa buhay ni Louella.


The object of affection of LAFF -- Louella Albornoz Fans Forever -- finally arrives. She was pleasantly surprised by fans and paparazzi alike!

As soon as we got to Michelle's, Sophie went upstairs and must have warned everyone else. I entered the door first and said "Here she is..." And Louella was welcomed with 6 flashing cameras! Talagang grand entrance for the STAR of the NIGHT!

At one point in the party when Batch 79 was having their meeting, the other batches decided to go to the garden. Some of the husbands joined us and one (Lara's husband, Carlos) conveniently sat beside Louella. Louella looks at Carlos from head to toe and...

Louella: (while looking at Carlos) Oh, girls... by the way, I would like to introduce my husband...

Ayy!!! Tawanan lahat. Namula si Mr Valdes, natakot yata!

Then, towards the end of the party, another husband (Susan's Bugsy) asked Louella to sit by him. Louella runs to the sofa and wraps her arms and LEGS around Bugsy! AYYYY!!! Sigawan na naman!

But huwag kayo...The husbands who came to last year's reunion were also present at this one because they have been looking forward to seeing Louella... o, deevaa? Hindi sila namihasa. And, when I asked the other husbands (the new "victims") if they were coming back for next year's reunion, I received a very enthusiastic "Oh, YES! Of course!" I tell you, Louella knows how to turn them on;-)

O siya... ang haba na nito!


8 Jun 02. San Francisco, CA.

Attendees: Mae Cendaña '75, Jackie Ick '78, Lisa Cendaña '78, Chacha Cendaña '82, Kathleen Niguidula '78, Audrey Cendaña '79, Sophie Rola '78, Michelle Cendaña '80. ( )

Mae wrote: "As it turned out, this get-together happened for so many right reasons. Hosted by my dad, it was an advanced Father's Day party kasi he had to be in Arizona on Father's Day. It was also a welcome party for my step-mom, and a belated birthday celebration for the four May babies (BABES!) in my family: Lisa, May 8; Michelle, May 14; Monique, May 23; and of course me, May 1. To top it all, Lisa's batchmate and best buddy Dr Jackie Ick-Joson was in town so bienvenida for her na rin. Sophia and Kat-Kat were also there so siyempre photo op kami kaagad. Talk about instant reunions... it's always fun to be among fellow Paulinians!"

Lisa wrote: "Jackie was my high school best friend. She was in the Bay Area for a whirlwind week-long vacation. I haven't seen her since 1990 and my siblings haven't for over 20 years. They were all so very pleasantly surprised and happy to see her!"

'75 webnote:

Jackie works in the Molecular Medicine Research Program of the National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology in UP Diliman. She's married to her fellow MD, Dr Rey O. Joson, Chairman of the Ospital ng Maynila Medical Center's Department of Surgery.


Sept 14, 2002 (Saturday), 1 to 8:30 PM; Grace Dizon's Manor, Pawling, NY

Attendees -- Batch '75: Maisa Enriquez, Annabelle Isaac, Ching Llagas -- '76: Anna Marie Isaac, Beth Caparas, Grace Dizon, Cherry Pedro, Diana Crisostomo -- '79: Annette Bayot -- '82: Rina Isaac -- Teacher: Ms. Julie Rombawa -- Children in Attendance: Celina Isaac Mariano (Anna's eldest, age 10) and Katrina Enriquez Yuvienco (Maisa's youngest and everyone's baby that day, age 4)

( )

Thanks from Reunion Chair Anna Isaac '76:

Just wanted to thank all who came last Saturday. How very nice it was to see you all.

To the rest who wanted to come, but couldn't, we missed you. But we promise the next one will be just as good if not better. So, we definitely would love to see you at the next one!

It was a blast! Great food, great fun, great "bonding", and great ideas for keeping the East Coast SPCM group well-connected & active. And Grace ... what a lovely place for our first inter-batch get-together. We all can't get over your work of art all over your home. Thanks again for hosting the get-together.

It was, of course, wonderful to have Ms. Julie Rombawa join us in all the fun.

Hark all you beautiful Paulinians ... true from day to day!

Anna Isaac-Mariano

Thanks from: Ching Llagas '75:

Anna -- thank you so much too for organizing the whole event. The preparation that you've done, logistics and all is top of the class. Thank you, Cherry for co-chairing the event, sending the invite and all. And of course to Grace Dizon aka Martha Stewart of Batch 1976, for being the "grace-ious" host. The food was excellent, it was a typical Filipino fiesta, talo ang thanksgiving! Thank you to Annette Bayot, the gem of gems of Batch 1979 for representing their class and introducing their pet project, the Pediatric Ward of Our Lady of Peace Hospital, the hospital for the poor of Sr. Eva Maamo, SPC. Annette --ang sarap ng ham at ng ube roll! Thank you to all who came all the way from Virginia (Diana Crisostomo Leckie, HS'76), Massachusetts (Annabelle Isaac Quizon, HS '75) and Maisa Enriquez Yuvienco (Connecticut, HS'75). To all the others who weren't able to come, there is definitely going to be another one.

It was so nice to si Ms. Julie Rombawa, we had instructional dancing from hokey pokey to electric slide to the hustle. Si Julie ang leader (take note first name basis na kami ngayon with her). Her bacalao salad was delicious.

Thanks to all. We already have new ideas for the next one.

Ching Llagas-Marbella


22 Nov-16 Dec 02: Sr Mary George Siriban and Sr Nieves Cueto visited the US to set up Paulinian Global Foundation, a branch of the nonprofit, nonstock Sisters of Saint Paul of Chartres Philippine Foundation whose projects include:

- construction of a new Vigil House in Pasig

- conversion of current Vigil House into a pastoral center for abused women and children

- rebuilding the outpatient medical clinic in Baguio.

Based in Washington DC, the Sisters also visited New York/New Jersey, Los Angeles and San Francisco and to meet with Paulinians. The following inter-batch reunions were held:

- 30 Nov, Norwood NJ, hosted by Chona Dizon-Freedman '80 / coordinated by Chona, Ching Llagas '75, Anna Isaac '76, Cherry Pedro '76.

- 1 Dec, NYC tour with Mitzi Ambion '75, Daydee Almoradie '76, Cherry Pedro '76,

- 2 Dec, Staten Island dinner hosted by Dr Emelita Castor-Cruz '65

- 7 Dec, Long Beach CA, hosted by Yoly Cruz Eisenstein '65 / catered by Handaan Restaurant (owned by Irene Dumaual-Alzate '65), 9777 Chapman Ave, Garden Grove CA, tel 714-636-8431

- 8 Dec, San Francisco, hosted by Michelle Cendaña '80 / coordinated by Cendaña Sisters Mae '75, Lisa '78, Audrey '79, Michelle '80, Chacha '82, and Monique (SPS-Makati).

Reunion recaps and latest updates on Mission America / SPC Vigil House Dream Project are posted at or or or

(For information and ideas on how individuals and organizations can help the residents of the Vigil House (our former teachers and friends!), please check out or email our tireless volunteer coordinator, Shankee Sancianco-Miranda '76, directly at


From: Sister Mary George Siriban, SPC

Subject: Thank you, dear Paulinians.

Date: Wed, 25 Dec 2002 17:05:39 -0800 (PST)

Dear Paulinians in the U.S. --

Happy HOLIDAYS to you all and may every day of the coming New Year be an EPIPHANY of God's LOVE for you and your loved ones!

We are back and had given a feedback to Sister Magdalen about "Mission America". Thank you very much, dear Paulinians, for the wonderful time we had with you. By all standards, the Mission was a SUCCESS because of you. It is truly heart-warming to know and experience how the Paulinian spirit is very much alive in you all despite the years away from St. Paul and in spite of the successes you have achieved. We were truly blest! We are touched and very impressed at the care and concern you have shown, not only to us but, more importantly, of one of one another. Your generous response and support are simply overwhelming. May God be your reward!

We would also like to express our gratitude to the following in a special way - -

a. Our Paulinian e-group moderators, webmasters and contacts for being a VIL (very important link) of the Mission.

b. Sunny Escareal-Velasco SPCM HS '75 and Mary Ann "Shankee" Sancianco-Miranda SPCM HS '76, our contacts here in R.P.

c. Those who have given us the warmth of a home away from home and who showed us the sights, too:

----- Lito and Sol Balda-Ilagan SPCM HS '65 in Maryland, designated by Sister Mary Magdalen as over-all coordinator of Mission America and who hosted meetings with the WaShington-Maryland Paulinians.

----- Linda Tobias, SPCM HS '66 in Staten Island, NY

----- Yolly Cruz-Eisenstein SPCM HS '65 and family in LA whose place was also the venue for the LA get-together

----- Boy and Esther Villados-Cunanan SPC Aparri HS '65(?) in LA and who made contact with some schoolmates.

----- David and Elli Waid in San Farancisco. Elli is sister of Sr. Francesca San Diego, SPC, SPCM BSN '65

----- Glo Valentin and Lumen Alquiros, SPCM BSN '64 in Detroit

d. Chona Dizon-Freedman HS '80 and family for hosting and coordinating the NY-NJ area get-together.

e. Cendaña Sisters, Mae '75, Lisa '78, Audrey '79, Michelle '80, Chacha '82 for coordinating and hosting the San Francisco meeting in Michelle's place and entertaining us with their beautiful voices.

f. Irene Dumawal-Alzate for catering the LA meeting with delicious Philippine cooking.

g. Our other guides to signinficant places including the malls

----- In Maryland/Washington Area: Araceli Garralde-Carrigan HS '66 and a former faculty member; Sol's friends, Mercy and Alma; Lourdes Atienza-Naing and Nancy "Dulce" Gutierrez

----- NYC, Ground Zero: Julie Rombawa, a former faculty member; Cherry Pedro-Hsu and Daydee Almoradie both HS '76 and Bobby and Mitzi Ambion-Hocson HS '75.

----- Al and Lynn Umali-Ledesma HS '65 in LA

----- Sr. Editha Ben for coming and surprising us in the NY-NJ get-together. She moved and joined the Sisters of Providence and is presently assigned in Chicago.

h. For accepting to continue to coordinate the groups for the Paulinian Global Foundation, Inc. in their respective States/Regions

----- Sol Balda-Ilagan

----- Chona Dizon-Freedman

----- Ching Llagas-Marbella

----- Yolly Cruz-Eisenstein

----- Ampy de Villa-Puckett

----- Mae Cendaña

Yes, our hearts are filled with gratitude to the God of all good gifts for the giftedness of Paulinians. If we have missed anyone inadvertently, please excuse our failing memory.

Thank you all, Paulinians the world over. We are proud of you!

Prayers from Sister Nieves and Sister Mary George.

"May every bit of creation be a sacrament of God's love for you."


From: Sol Balda Ilagan SPCM HS'65

Sent: December 17, 2002 11:20 AM

Subject: Interim Report on the SPC Sisters' Visit to the US of A

Dear Fellow Paulinians,

What can I say?? The reception for our dear Sisters was overwhelming. They must really have had a great time as they just kept talking about how you all were sooo kind and hospitable (not to mention most generous). I'm glad and happy to report to you that the turnout from all your efforts amounted to a little over $x,000.00. Wow!! And to think that the preparations were done all in a short time. My hats off to you all. At umpisa lang yan no? Sr. Mary George and Sr. Nieves truly were so pleased with all of us. They promised to reward us with prayers for our families and our personal intentions. They also would like us to let them know whenever we come and visit Manila so they can show us around SPC, particularly the Vigil House. Today, they are going back to Manila. They say that this trip was indeed a memorable one for them. They may have been cold due to the weather but you all supplied the warmth they needed most through your kindness, concern and generosity.

Lito (my husband) and I will be leaving for Manila early tomorrow. We'll be meeting with Sr. Magdalen Torres on December 27. I will give you a fuller report upon my return in mid-January. I just would like to send this out to let you all know how happy I am about the results of the visit of our dear Sisters.

May you all have a blessed Christmas and a prosperous 2003.

Love you all,

Sol (Balda) Ilagan



26 Jan 2003, SPCM Campus

Schedule Of Activities:

9 AM - Registration (a fee of P200 will be charged all alumnae)

10 AM - Holy Mass at the College Chapel

11 AM - Group picture-taking of Jubilarians and all Alumnae at chapel steps

12 AM - Lunch/Raffle/Acknowledgment of all High School and College Batches present

2 PM - General Membership Meeting and Election of New Board of Directors at the Fleur-de-Lis Auditorium

330 PM - Homecoming Program at the Fleur-de-Lis Auditorium

Our Little Sister Batch, SPCM HS'78, will be 2003's Silver Jubilarians! Homecoming program emcees will be Sandra Suarez-Reyes and Marietta "Ita" Herranz. For more info, please contact '78 Batch Chairperson Malene Cruz Baron at, or PAAM at:


St. Paul College of Manila

680 Pedro Gil St., Malate, Manila

Tel/Fax/Ans. (63-2) 523-4259/524-5687 loc. 229


To our Little Sisters and all 2003 Jubilarians, we wish you the best!

(Updates at


SPCM HS Webring / - - - - - - (80) - - - -! SPCM HS'83, email Mai Perez at to view members-only online batch album / SPCM HS'85, email Faith Ignacio-Benipayo at to link up.

Everybody, have a wonderful 2003!

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