Remembering the Good Times with the Yans

June 2002, Reyes Residence, Dasmariñas Village, Makati City.

Neighbors all: Bobby Yan with Alice, Malu, Beth and Beth's eldest daughter, Trish Lugtu. Our batchmates and the Yans grew up in the same Magallanes Village neighborhood. Beth and Ces Lugtu's residence in Ayala Alabang is just a few blocks away from the Yan family home.

Our batchmates Alice Cuazon, Malu Santos, Beth Reyes and Beth's family got together with Bobby Yan, his sister Geraldine and her husband, their cousin Toochie and Rico's loyal bodyguard to view for the first time the video Beth's brother, Doc Jun Reyes, took of Rico's last night alive.

Beth wrote: "It was a very sad moment.... Bobby, Geraldine, Rico's bodyguard… everyone was crying. The family thought they were ready to see the video… after all this time, none of us were… it brought back so many fond memories. You know how hot that video was? ABS-CBN Channel 2's Karen Davila, Ces Drilon, people from Rico's sitcom "Whattamen", among others, were so persistently calling my house to get a copy of it! GMA-7's Arnold Clavio was given a few short footages but definitely not the whole thing. My brother decided to show it only to the family."


Doc Jun Reyes with Bobby and Geraldine Yan-Tueres.

Bobby and Geraldine are trustees of the Rico Yan Youth Foundation (RYYF) -- a non-stock, non-profit organization committed to the development and the advancement of the Filipino youth through special projects and programs focused on values formation, education, leadership, entrepreneurship, and moral and spiritual transformation -- dedicated to the memory and ideals of their late brother Rico. Visit the official RYYF website at

(Photos and text courtesy of Beth Reyes-Lugtu. Thanks!)

Beth's Dos Palmas Memories, Holy Week 2002

(So long, Rico.)

Popular matinee idol Rico Yan peacefully died in his sleep of acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis leading to cardiac arrest while vacationing at the newly-reopened Dos Palmas Arreceffi Island Resort in Palawan last Good Friday, 29 March 2002. In her account below, our batchmate Beth Reyes shares her family's wonderful memories of the time they spent with Rico, mere hours before he passed on. He was indeed a really nice, down-to-earth person.

Some background info: Beth and Chiching76's Puerto Princesa-based brother Jun and wife Rosalie Reyes were the MDs who first attended to Rico when he was found... Arnold Clavio is a GMA-7 host and the Reyeses' nephew... Nappa Restaurant in QC is owned by the family of Nina, wife of Malu Santos' brother Carling... Tequila Joe's and Timbuktu Restaurants were co-owned by Rico...

Trish Lugtu and Rico Yan at Dos Palmas, 28 Mar 2002.

From: Beth Reyes-Lugtu


Sent: Monday, April 01, 2002 4:04 PM

Hi everyone!

Here's my first hand report on the death of Rico Yan.

We left for Palawan last Tuesday, March 26. I was with my entire family, (minus Ces, he followed us on Thursday).

At the check-in counter, Rico Yan and his group, Dominic Ochoa, his GF, Janna Victoria and 2 friends from Smart Communications, Guido and Fenny, were infront of us. I was lining up with the owner of Dos Palmas, Ivan Lim. I saw their DOS PALMAS baggage tags. I told Ivan, naku...they're going to Dos Palmas pala. So Ivan talked with them na din.

Ivan, Janna Victoria, Patet and Dominic. 28 Mar 02.

When we reached the Puerto Princesa airport, i approached Rico and pointed to him my daughter, Patet, I said, she's really a big fan of yours, pa-KODAK naman. He said, "Opo, ngayon na po"?. I said, "in dos palmas na lang, we'll be there on Thursday". Then he said, "sige po, mas maganda pa". End of conversation.

Thursday....we all went to Dos Palmas.....met up with Ces, Malu Santos and our dentist, Doc Larry, who was going to perform for 2 nights. Excited kami, because we all know, star-studded ang Dos, plus ARNOLD CLAVIO, newscaster and a relative of ours, came in with his family.

Dinnertime......I made sure, their table was close to ours, as in BILIN na sa mga waiters. So each time their group got food from the buffet table, hinaharang ko sila to make them kulit....KODAKAN!

Arnold and Trisia, 28 Mar 02.

Doc Larry, showtime na.....he played the piano and started asking the guest to jam with him.....until he called in Arnold Clavio who sang with my daughter, Trisia. Me naman, I was in the table of Arnold, right beside the table of sina Rico....nakikipag chismisan with the wife of Arnold. After their song, Trisia came up to me to give me a glass of wine. So, me naman, intro ko siya sa group ni Rico Yan, my eldest daughter, Trisia.....Rico stood up and shook her hands and he said "You've got a nice voice". (i'm sure kilig anak ko, but I was totally more KILIG!).

So...sing..sing pa other guests.....until Doc Larry called Rico to jam with him. No star complex, no arte, he stood up and went sa stage. His first song was Simply Jesse, dedicated to the Reyes Family (kami yun). He ended it with "I LOVE YOU PATET" and went to my youngest daughter to kiss her. Siyempre, TILI, KILIG kami!!! Dominic Ochoa sang too....then Arnold again....we requested Rico to sing with Trisia.....sing naman sila, CRAZY FOR YOU and CRUISIN. Rico was soooooo ganado to sing, parang concert na nga.....he sang GOT TO BELIEVE with Dominic and Malu, forever pa-kodak on stage (this footage is always being shown in Channel 7), his last song was FALLING FOR YOU.

Trisia and Rico. 28 Mar 02.

In the meantime, their group, sina Dominic moved next to our table na, closer to the more sigawan, lokohan....all fun, fun talaga. My parents danced pa to the song SOMEDAY (Arnold Clavio, singing) with Dominic and Janna, dancing too, tapos si Ces with our daughters.

We were also planning to visit the Lapu-lapu Farm.....sey ni Rico, please take us along, our cottage is 6A (as if I didn't know), please call us.....they invited us to join them in Snake Island too.

They were asking Malu for discounts at NAPPA RESTAURANT, kasi fav place of Dominic and Rico naman..."call me when you're going to TEQUILA JOE'S, i will have SEA BASS prepared for you".

We left them mga past 12 na.....almost 1 Am....

Dominic, Janna Victoria, Guido, Fenny, Trisia, Rico, Doc Larry. 28 Mar 02.

The next day......we were at the beach....around 10 am......we saw the shuttle service rushing, with my brother and sister-in-law. Jun even waved at parang, wala thing...we saw them going back.....but this time, there was somebody on a stretcher, i said pa nga to the kids, wag niyo istorbo, Ninoy (Jun) has a patient. We all thought matanda, kasi....they were doing a CPR. Everything happened so fast......load sa speedboat....Jun told us, they didn't stop reviving him until they reached the hospital, nilagyan ng cardiac monitor, pero flat line na.

I saw Janna and Fenny.....they said, they went back to their cottage at 3 AM......and Rico, Dominic and Guido were horsing around, in very happy around 5 am, Rico went out to smoke.....sila naman, sleeping na......and then they heard parang kalabog, but knowing Rico, he is really noisy daw for them it was just a usual around 6 AM, they heard a loud snore, that woke all of them up....then again, Rico daw snores really loud, that's why he's in the second floor. For them, it was all normal. Until around 9:30 AM.....dominic was waking up Rico, he saw him pale.

Rico and Patet. 28 Mar 02.

My Mom and Dad were so touched when Rico made an effort to shake their hands when they were about to leave. How can i forget when he approached Patet and I and said "Tita, can i just wait for Patet?" And how he hugged Patet. That evening, he left my family with so much memories.

All we can offer him now are our prayers....we're lucky, we saw him at his happiest.

Please watch GMA 7's UNANG HIRIT, EXTRA EXTRA, SAKSI, EMERGENCY.........for the actual footage.


Trisia being interviewed by GMA-7's Arnold Clavio at Dos Palmas, 29 Mar 02.

Beth Reyes and Malu Santos, 29 Mar 02. They're webmasters of the Magallanes Village website / egroup.

Text and photos courtesy of Beth Reyes-Lugtu. Thanks!


Homily of Fr. Tito Caluag II, SJ, during the funeral mass of Rico Yan on 4 Apr 02 -- read it.

(Courtesy of Shankee Sancianco-Miranda SPCM HS'76)

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