Despedida at Dencio's

1130 am, 10 Apr 2002. Dencio's at The Fort, Makati City.

Honorees: Zamby Arnaiz (on vacation to Vancouver, Canada), Lia Jovellanos (going home to Malaga, Spain), Winifred Medina (on business to San Francisco / San Jose CA), Florian Nuval (on business to San Francisco / Los Angeles CA)

Sunny Escareal's Recap:

Dear Classmates,

Just like old times, we met, ate, drank and talked and talked and talked as in walang patid na daldalan. Ten of us attended the press con cum despedida party for four, not three, classmates - Florian (LA/SF), Lia (Spain), Zamby (Vancouver) and Winifred (San Jose/SF). Pinky, Malu S, Dettie, Dolly, Janette plus ako.

Clockwise (from top left): Lia Jovellanos, Pinky Marquez, Malu Santos, Winifred Medina, Florian Nuval, Dolly Tesoro, Zamby Arnaiz, Janette San Juan, Dettie Tesoro, Sunny Escareal.

Most of the Rico Yan story is already in Beth Lugtu's exclusive account. But of course, iba din pag magkwento si Ma'am Malu. Actually we just made kalokohan about the chismis that there was a woman involved. So we told her "Ikaw iyon ano?" "Tinuturuan mo si Rico ng kung ano ano" And we ended up teasing and blaming her sa pagputok ng pancreas ni Rico. OK read between the lines girls. But please, don't ever think it's true....kalokohan lang.

I also brought along the layout of the whole Yearbook. And lokang Pinky commented that the "recent photo" of a classmate was definitely not an improvement of the high school photo. When we looked, she was referring to the grade school pictures of some of our classmates which were placed instead of the recent photo. Bastus talaga! But we had a good laugh going through those grade school pictures.

Lokohan din nina Dettie, Dolly and Lia - "hindi niyo ba napapansin? Puro mukha natin ang naandiyan?" Well, sino pa ba ang nag-bigay ng pictures kundi sila, si Doris and Evelyn Angeles. And all of these from way back kinder days pa. But not to worry, I made sure all your faces appeared in the yearbook at least twice. Pati mga grade school classmates kasama din.

Anyways, we weren't contented with the food pa, we had to take an early afternoon snack/coffee at Starbucks. But by that time, Malu and Winifred had to leave us. Doon naman, Pinky told us a secret.... Secret daw. Well, a doctor was offering her free liposuction. Libre daw sa celebrity like her but I offered a package deal na lahat kami, willing gamitin sa advertisement para lang ma-libre as lipo. On her way out, she made us promise that in case she does agree to it, and if despite the lipo, wala daw kaming nakitang improvement, pretend na lang daw that there was. So I told her to text us about it so that we are forewarned.

Janette related to us her woes about her household help. To make a very long story short, do not trust maids especially those coming from an agency. Siya na nga iyong, ninakawan, hinabla pa sa baranggay and was even forced to pay backwages despite iyong mga kinuhang mga bagay sa kaniya. And then Florian also related her ordeals with a maid who, up to now, calls them up and harasses them to no end.

We called it quits at around 4 pm and promised to meet up again for another reunion sometime July when everyone had come back na. Lia is coming back for good this year.

Also got calls from Brenda and Mitzi. So nice to hear your voices even from way way out there.

BTW, true to her promise, Winifred finished proofreading the layout and sent it back to me today. She's leaving tonight and will stay for three weeks in San Jose and San Francisco. Gave her Erika's No. na and told her hindi siya pwedeng hindi tumawag. She would love to see good old Louella too and Mae and all you guys in SF.

That's all for now.


Text and photos courtesy of Sunny. Thanks!

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