Hello-and-goodbye Reunion

8 Feb 2003, Makati's The Fort: Bienvenida for LA's Malu Santos and Palawan's Lia Jovellanos; despedida for Florida's Joyce Tioseco and Germany's Christie Cusi.

L-R: Zamby Arnaiz, Lia Jovellanos, Florian Nuval, Sunny Escareal, Malu Santos, Christie Cusi, Joyce Tioseco, Dettie Tesoro. Not in photo: Janette San Juan.

Sunny's report:

Well, we finally got to meet up with Cristy Cusi last Feb 8, 2003. Those present: Cristy C, Zamby A, Joyce T, Lia J, Florian N, Janet SJ, Dettie T, Malu S and moi. Unfortunately, Cecile Lozada arrived Feb 9 and was not able to join us for the reunion.

Muntik-muntikan pang mabulilyaso si Cristy cuz it turns out, she did not arrive from Palawan the day before but arrived in Manila at 11 am on reunion day, Feb 8. Humabol tuloy siya sa Pier 1 at the Fort. She had met up with Lia J when they accidentally bumped into each other at the market place. They had dinner several times before Lia J came back to MNL for a short rest.

Anyway, Joyce is definitely moving back to Florida at the end of the month. Buti na lang they didn't unpack all their things when they moved to the Philippines from Osaka a little over a year ago. Dave told us that he might end up working in Shanghai and we said that's good cuz we can arrange for our next reunion in Shanghai. O diba?

Dave is so funny. He said that they go to this karaoke place in "Feel More." Told him, I lived in that area in Palanan and never thought of Filmore as Feel More. Well, he said, that's coming from a guy named "Free Lick." Never thought of his name in that way either. Talo ako kay Dave. Bilis ng utak sa mga ganyan.

Anyway, we were all over Cristy regarding the color of her skin. Talagang itim. Turns out, she and her husband are born travelers and adventurers. Who cares about the sunburn if you are really out in the islands and waters off Palawan, island-hopping without a care in the world. enjoy basta!

After Pier 1, we moved to our favorite hangout in the Fort area - Starbucks. Swapped mga biyenan and aleman stories with Cristy. Well, labs mo asawa, labs mo din ang nanay?

By now, Lia is back in Palawan, Cristy is back in Germany, Cecile is back in San Francisco. Malu is staying put for the time being and Joyce is busy packing her stuff.

That's my report for the day. Till next time!


Photo and text courtesy of Sunny Escareal. Thanks!

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