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22 Nov-16 Dec 02: Sr Mary George Siriban and Sr Nieves Cueto visited the US to set up Paulinian Global Foundation, a branch of the nonprofit Sisters of Saint Paul de Chartres Philippine Foundation whose main projects include construction of a new Vigil House, conversion of the old Vigil House into a pastoral center for women and children victims of abuse, and rebuilding of an outpatient medical clinic in Baguio. Based in Washington DC, they also visited New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles to meet with Paulinians!

22 Nov, Wash DC

30 Nov, Norwood NJ

1 Dec: New York City

7 Dec: Los Angeles

8 Dec: San Francisco

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Wash DC Bienvenida, 22 Nov 2002

DC Host and Overall US Coordinator: Sol Balda-Ilagan '65

The SPCM HS'65 DC Golden Girls (r-l) Lena Bernabe-Caparas, Sol Balda-Ilagan, Nina Galang Reynoso, and Marcia Andres welcome newly-arrived Sr Mary George and Sr Nieves in Washington DC. Ate Sol is the overall US coordinator of SPC Mission America (Vigil House Assistance Program) and can be reached at Silagan@worldbank.org. (Photo from http://www.geocities.com/spcm_hs65. Thanks!)

Norwood NJ Interbatch, 30 Nov 2002

Host and NY-NJ Main Coordinator: Chona Dizon-Freedman '80.

Co-coordinators: Ching Llagas '75, Mitzi Ambion '75, Anna Isaac '76, Cherry Pedro '76, Daydee Almoradie '76

Front: Sr Nieves, Chona Dizon '80, Sr Mary George, Karla Dizon '80, Joy San Juan '80, Diana Crisostomo '76. Back: Ching Llagas; 75, Rosella Kabigting '80, Baby Moreno '79, Ms Julie Rombawa, Beth Caparas '76, Sr Editha Ben, Anna Marie Isaac '76, Annabelle Isaac '75, Paula Madamba '80, Linda Tobias '66 (Staten Island host and sis of fellow Paulinians Annie, Vicky '72 and Mila Tobias '75), Annette Bayot '79

Seated: Linda '66, Beth '76, Sr Mary George, Sr Nieves. Back: Ms Rombawa, Ching '75, Annette '79 and son, Paula '80, Anna '76, Rosella '80, Chona '80, Diana '76, Annabelle '75

Seated: Sr Nieves, Sr Mary George, Joy '80. Back: Ching '75, Rosella '80, Chona '80 and daughter, Baby '79, Ms Rombawa, Beth '76, Annette '79, Sr Edith, Karla '80, Diana '76, Anna '76, Paula '80.

Sr Mary George with Chona, Baby, Annabelle, Linda, Ms Rombawa, and Sr Edith.

'75 batchmates Ching and Annabelle with the three Sisters, Chona and Ms Rombawa.

With '76 ladies Beth, Diana and Anna.

With '80 New Yorkers Chona, Paula and Karla.

Sr Nieves, Chona '80, Sr Edith, Sr Mary George

Thank you from Sr Mary George

Date: Wed, 25 Dec 2002 17:05:39 -0800 (PST)

Dear Paulinians in the U.S.,

Happy HOLIDAYS to you all and may every day of the coming New Year be an EPIPHANY of Godís LOVE for you and your loved ones!

We are back and had given a feedback to Sister Magdalen about "Mission America". Thank you very much, dear Paulinians, for the wonderful time we had with you. By all standards, the Mission was a SUCCESS because of you. It is truly heart-warming to know and experience how the Paulinian spirit is very much alive in you all despite the years away from St. Paul and in spite of the successes you have achieved. We were truly blest! We are touched and very impressed at the care and concern you have shown, not only to us but, more importantly, of one of one another. Your generous response and support are simply overwhelming. May God be your reward!

Yes, our hearts are filled with gratitude to the God of all good gifts for the giftedness of Paulinians. Thank you all, Paulinians the world over. We are proud of you!

Prayers from Sister Nieves and Sister Mary George

"May every bit of creation be a sacrament of God's love for you."

Dec 2002: Sr George and Sr Nieves... shoveling snow in DC.

Kudos from Mission America Overall Coordinator

Dear Fellow Paulinians,

What can I say?? The reception for our dear Sisters was overwhelming. They must really have had a great time as they just kept talking about how you all were sooo kind and hospitable (not to mention most generous). I'm glad and happy to report to you that the turnout from all your efforts amounted to a little over $n,nnn. Wow!! And to think that the preparations were done all in a short time. My hats off to you all. At umpisa lang yan no? Sr. Mary George and Sr. Nieves truly were so pleased with all of us. They promised to reward us with prayers for our families and our personal intentions. They also would like us to let them know whenever we come and visit Manila so they can show us around SPC, particularly the Vigil House. Today, they are going back to Manila. They say that this trip was indeed a memorable one for them. They may have been cold due to the weather but you all supplied the warmth they needed most through your kindness, concern and generosity.

I just would like to send this out to let you all know how happy I am about the results of the visit of our dear Sisters.

May you all have a blessed Christmas and a prosperous 2003.

Love you all,

Sol (Balda) Ilagan '65

US Contact for Vigil House Donations

Dear fellow Paulinians and friends, please include the Vigil House in your fund-raising projects. You may send your tax-deductible donations to:

The Paulinian Global Foundation, Inc.

2328 Deckman Lane

Silver Spring, Md. 20906

You may also send donations in kind, i.e., blankets, canned goods, adult diapers, medicines, etc. Please contact or email me regarding this type of donations - Tel. (301) 598-5764 - home; (202) 473-5412 - office.

On behalf of the Vigil House residents, thank you and God bless.

Sol (Balda) Ilagan '65


PS: Would appreciate if you'd further circulate this email to the others in your respective batches.

(Photos courtesy of Ching and Chona. Thanks!)

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