SF Inter-Paulinian Summer Reunion '01!

30 June 01. Michelle Cendana-Bond's home, San Francisco CA.

(Check out Salo-Salo sa San Francisco 2002.)


Batch 75 - Louella Albornoz and Mae Cendana

Batch 78 - Lisa Cendana, Kathleen Niguidula and Sofie Rola

Batch 79 - Susan Fernandez, Lisa San Andres, Dada San Andres, BeeAnn Kabigting, Carol Sevilla, Eleanor Francisco, Roxanne Lagdameo and Audrey Cendana

Batch 80 - Michelle Cendana and Ching San Andres

Mae Cendana's review:

Paulinians do know how to party. Absolutely!

It was a fun-filled day last June 30 when 15 members of SPCM HS Classes of '75, '78, '79 and '80 met for the first Bay Area All-Paulinian Reunion in San Francisco. BeeAnn Kabigting '79, Ching San Andres '80 and Dada San Andres '79 came all the way from LA to attend the event.

Clockwise from top left: Roxanne Lagdameo '79, Lisa Cendana '78, Sofia Rola '78, Louella Albornoz '75, Eleanor Francisco '79, Michelle Cendana '80, Carol Sevilla '79, Ching San Andres '80, Dada San Andres '79, BeeAnn Kabigting '79, Liza San Andres '79, Audrey Cendana '79, Kathleen Niguidula '78, Mae Cendana '75, Susan Fernandez '79, and children.

Hosted by Michelle Cendana '80, the party started at 2 PM. Katkat Niguidula '78 observed that Ms. Aguila's cooking lessons were not given justice because none of the girls cooked food for the party. :o) Nonetheless, the food was plentiful and delicious; it surprisingly lasted till past midnight! Michelle's hubby, Cafe Riggio Chef Dave Bond, prepared roast beef, chicken tarragon, macaroni salad, calamari salad and fresh fruit salad. The rest of the specially-ordered food included deep-fried spicy shrimps, chow mein, Chinese fried chicken, pancit palabok, poppy seed loaf, German chocolate and pineapple upside-down cakes. Eleanor Francisco '79 looked like cooking show celeb Pinky Marquez '75, a very young Martha Stewart in her apron -- she donned one to prep the spring salad greens. :o)


SPCM HS75: Mae Cendana and Louella Albornoz

SPCM HS80: Michelle Cendana-Bond (with Audrey's son, Tommy) and Ching San Andres.

A model with the BOOM Models and Talent Agency in San Francisco, Tommy recently had an assignment to appear in Macy's print ads.

Music was provided by the San Andres sisters, Lisa '79 and Ching '80, who sang songs from vintage Jingle mags. Ching gave away custom CD-Rs filled with 70's songs like "Terminal", "So Far Away" and "Afternoon Delight" as party favors to everyone. Soon enough, the former glee club members led by party organizer Audrey Cendana '79 sang the Paulinian Hymn a cappella. While some singers were concentrating on their alto notes, the others tried to hold back tears. Later, I sang "It's the Real Thing" while carrying a 2-liter Diet Coke - a legacy I have to live by but had to revise, just like Madonna. ;-)

As always, Louella Albornoz '75 brought the house down with her antics and impromptu stand-up act. Sofie Rola '78 fell off her chair when Louella recalled scenes from her first "real" job at Pizza Hut - cooking pizza without cheese, getting stuck in the walk-in freezer, filling the kitchen with bubbles when she poured too much detergent in the dish-washer, trying to stop her workers from shooting each other ("Stop or I'll call Immigration!"). Carol Sevilla '79 and Roxanne Lagdameo '79 kept asking Louella why she looked so familiar to which Louella answered, "Oh yes, my latest film was Erin Brockovich but you probably saw me first in Basic Instinct!" (Actually, Louella's latest film appearance was in an NSYNC music video. Click here to visit our LAFF page.)


SPCM HS78: Lisa Cendana-Lee (with 3-mo old daughter, Sabie), Kathleen Niguidula (with Lisa's 8-yr old daughter Jackie) and Sofie Rola.

BeeAnn and Holly Avecilla flew in from LA just to be there! Beside Holly is Audrey's first-born, Jordan Ramzell. (Doesn't he look familiar? He does! A San Francisco-based print and TV talent, he was in the cast of CBS' Nash Bridges with Don Johnson. That's his file photo on the right from the BOOM Models and Talent Agency website.)

Of course, there had to be dancing - El Bimbo, Salsa, Swing, Grind, etc. While Lisa Cendana '78 and BeeAnn Kabigting '79 beamed with pride as their daughters (Jackie and Holly, respectively) danced, the feeling was not apparently mutual when the moms hit the dance-floor. Typical? :o)

Susan Fernandez '78 kept disappearing during the pictorials; we had to wait for her each time before her hubby, Bugsy, took the pictures. Although they admitted having fun, guess we made the husbands Bugsy and Jed (Eleanor's) rethink their fantasies of being the only two men in a room full of women... :o)

It's funny how some of us who did not cross paths in high school can relate to the same stories. It must have been the pleated uniform, the individual qualities of the nuns, the horrible movie about abortion, the different mannerisms of our teachers, the perverts lurking outside the school or the smell of fish balls at the cafeteria... Whatever it was, there was something that bound us together; something unique, something we can say is ours alone -- something distinctly Paulinian! To find out, I guess, we'll have to do it again...

And we will. See you at the next reunion!


BeeAnn Kabigting '79, Ching San Andres '80, Dada. San Andres '79

The venue: Michelle's SF Sunset District home ... a stone's throw away from the Pacific Ocean, next to the Golden Gate Park, down the hill from the Civic Center, minutes north of Little Manila (Daly City), mere 6968 miles east of SPCM! (Aerial neighborhood shot from www.mapquest.com.) 

Kathleen Niguidula's recap:

In any Paulinian party the food is always great, and the June 30 reunion was no exception. The professional chef-husband of Michelle Cendana '80 prepared the mouth-watering main entrees and the girls even brought in more. There was so much on the table -- eating was non-stop from 2pm till 2 am! 

Louella Albornoz '75, the veteran movie comedienne, is as funny as ever! Among her many Louellaisms, she said she's presently an "oncallogist". A full-time wife and doting Mom of 4 young sons, Dr L (for laughter!) loves being always on-call, just waiting for her part-time work to phone and beg her to go in. :o) 


SPCM HS79 (L-R): Eleanor Francisco-Datu, Dada San Andres-Kwon, Audrey Cendana (and son, Tommy), BeeAnn Kabigting-Avecilla, Liza San Andres, Carol Sevilla-Roeschke, Roxanne Lagdameo, Susan Fernandez-Oppus.

The Glee Club girls brought their guitars and they sang and brought back so many memories from our high school days. They can still perform and do a very nice blending of voices, you would think they are in a competition...!

The dancing can't be scratched out too. All the steps of the late 70's and early 80's are so well remembered! 

We would like to thank Michelle for hosting this reunion and of course the rest of the Cendana Sisters for making this reunion a memorable one, the San Andres Sisters and BeeAnn Kabigting-Avecilla for flying in from Los Angeles, the rest of the girls from South San Fran, Richmond, Pleasanton, San Jo and Hercules for being there and contributing to the fun. Thanks also to Ching San Andres for putting together a wonderful cd of the 70's and 80's hit songs and giving each one of us a copy... Thank you, everyone!

See you again next time, have fun and enjoy the rest of the summer


  1. Thanks to Mae and Kat for the very enjoyable narratives.
  2. Thanks to Audrey for the reunion photos. To view complete album, visit her website at www.rarecollectibles.com.


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