Alice's Wonderland!

Custom interiors and murals by Alice Cuazon, Salcedo Village, Makati City.

Alice can turn any room into the dream space any homeowner has always wanted! For consultation, please email Alice at You may also contact Beth Reyes-Lugtu at for reference.

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Alice and Friends

Paulinian celebs and friends at a wedding reception, March 2003 - counterclockwise from front: Beth Reyes '75, Malu Santos '75, SPC Pasig GS'79 Class President Sharon Cuneta, Alice Cuazon '75, Merce Santos, Glecy Cuaso '73. MegaPaulinianStar Shawie transferred to SPCM as a high school freshman in '79.

Mar 2003 take 2 -- counterclockwise from front-left: Marybeth Kilayco, Malu Santos '75, Chiching Reyes '76, Beth Reyes '75, Alice Cuazon '75, Glecy Cuaso '73, Merce Santos, Beth Ty '75.


May 2002: Alice among family and friends at the baptismal party of Mr and Mrs Mars Chua's baby at The Fort's Le Souffle Restaurant in Makati. Clockwise from Alice: her mom Mrs Candy Cuazon, Malu Santos, Mrs Robles, Beth Reyes' daughter Trish, movie/tv star Joyce Jimenez, Alice's brother Philip Jr and Beth Reyes. Alice and Philip were among the sponsors. (A McDonalds Phils exec, Jun-jun -- as friends call Philip -- is popular in showbiz circles . He was ninong to Sharon and Kiko's daughter Frankie Cuneta-Pangilinan, and served as lector during Charlene and Aga Muhlach's wedding -- both in 2001.) Right: Buds with Randy Santiago.

June 2002, Reyes Residence, Dasmariñas, Makati: Alice (rt), Malu Santos and Bobby Yan.

June 00, Kapelikula Restaurant, Makati: Alice Cuazon, Pita Revilla, Rossi Revilla '76, Beth Ty, Beth Reyes, Malu Santos, Marybeth Kilayko. Beth Ty and Alice left for the US prior to our senior year when they got selected to participate in the Youth for Understanding student exchange program. After finishing high school in Michigan, they attended University of Detroit where both of them eventually graduated with degrees in Business Management.

June 00, Dos Palmas Island Resort, Palawan: Malu Santos, Zamby Arnaiz, Erika Miranda, Alice, Glecy Cuaso '73, Beth Reyes -- 2weeks before the Abu kidnapping incident!

Home of Florian Nuval-Nequinto '75

Daughters Nicole and Noelle's bedroom

Whimsical cabinets

Nicole's pink butterfly

Gold-glazed master bedroom!

A Baby Nursery by Alice

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