Beauties and the Best '02!

July 8, 2002, High-Noon Reunion at the Olive Garden Restaurant in Enfield, CT.

Attendees: Annabelle Isaac, Carol Gochoco, Maisa Enriquez (SPCM GS '71 / HS '75 batchmates all!)

Maisa wrote:

Finally, after just staying in touch via telephone, e-mail and cards over 7or so years, Annabelle and I saw each other again. And this was only because Carol was in the Amherst area with her family, visiting her sister, Cecile. Thank God for Annabelle's familiarity with the area, she found a place where we could get together for lunch - the Olive Garden in Enfield, Connecticut, located midway between Amherst and Woodbury.

L-r: Carol Gochoco-Tsuyuki, Annabelle Isaac-Quizon, Maisa Enriquez-Yuvienco. Carol and Annabelle were batch 75's salutatorian and valedictorian, respectively. A US board-certified pediatrician, Annabelle is a member of the UP College of Medicine Class of '83. She finished her residency training in pediatric pulmonology at Harvard Medical School in Boston, where she also completed numerous fellowships and certificate courses in respiratory medicine. She's currently the Medical Director of Springfield Southwest Medical Center in Springfield MA.

I arrived, with Katrina in tow, 5 minutes ahead of our 12 o'clock meeting time. I asked the receptionist if this was the only Olive Garden in Enfield because I was expecting them to arrive ahead of me. I called Annabelle on her cell phone, and she said she was parking her car right outside Olive Garden. I found out that our dear Annabelle drives fast, but no faster than 10 mph above the speed limit (which is 65 mph on I-91), so she left the Tsuyukis behind. She said Carol and family dropped by her house prior to our lunch date, and had a nice long chat with Annabelle's mom, who was visiting, the reason for their leaving a bit late. She's still the same Annabelle from the last time I saw her about 7 years ago, but this time with shorter hair.

Carol's hubby, Gary Tsuyuki, surrounded by three beautiful young ladies -- his (and Carol's) daughters Kathleen and Alyssa, with Maisa and Francis' daughter, Katrina Yuvienco (middle). The Tsuyukis live near San Francisco and were in New England to visit their Alma Maters: Carol's exclusive Mount Holyoke College and Gary's Amherst. After graduating with a BA degree in Biochemistry from MHC, Carol then went to the University of Massachusetts at Amherst where she received her MS and Ph. D., both in Cell and Molecular Biology. Like Annabelle, she attended Harvard Medical School in Boston for post-grad fellowships.

A few minutes later, Carol arrived with Gary, Kaitlyn and Alyssa. And it came as no surprise to me that Carol was still very slim and fit, just as I last saw her in May Gaite's house two years ago (and she was pregnant with Alyssa at the time!!!). Gary was such a sport and you could see how much he adored his daughters, playing with them (and Katrina, too) while the three moms made "chismis!" At one time when Carol left to take Alyssa to the restroom, Gary asked Annabelle and me, "between you and me, what was Carol really like before?" Both Annabelle and I were in agreement that Carol was one of the good girls who never got into trouble and was always focused on her academics, but one who we remembered to be always in competition (academically) with her older sister, Corina. When Carol came back to our table, Gary told her what he asked us and how we answered. He noted that we must be really good friends... and Carol gave us the "thumbs up!"

We had a wonderful conversation and lunch, and most of all, a great time spent with two of my dearest friends, whose friendships date back to our grade school days.

Blast from the past!

SPCM HS Yearbook Staff '75 (l-r): Chuchay Jimenez, Carol Gochoco, Judith Ibalio, Ludgie Sioson, Beth Bellido, Jeejee Sta Ana. Not in photo: Dedette Yalung, Mariette Co and Ms Dottie Lucasan (adviser). Carol, Jeejee, Mariette, and Beth were also Pauliteen '75 staff members.

Citizens Army Training Bivouac '75, Maragondon Beach, Cavite (l-r): Tina Cordero, Irene Espanto, Annabelle Isaac, Maisa Enriquez. Tina now lives in Sydney, Irene in Manila, Annabelle in Massachusetts, and Maisa in Connecticut.

At ease: Rosari Juguilon, Suzanne Camacho, Ms Francisco (chaperone), Tina, Annabelle, Maisa, Irene, Becca Yatco and Luchie Beltran. More CAT shots here.

(Photos and text courtesy of Maisa. A professional interior designer, she lives in CT with hubby Francis Yuvienco MD and their 2 children, Trapper and Katrina. Thanks, Maisa!)

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