First East Coast Interbatch!

Sept 14, 2002 (Saturday), 1 to 8:30 PM; Grace's Manor, Pawling, New York

Attendees -- Batch '75: Maisa Enriquez, Annabelle Isaac, Ching Llagas -- '76: Anna Marie Isaac, Beth Caparas, Grace Dizon, Cherry Pedro, Diana Crisostomo -- '79: Annette Bayot -- '82: Rina Isaac -- Teacher: Ms. Julie Rombawa -- Children in Attendance: Celina Isaac Mariano (Anna's eldest, age 10) and Katrina Enriquez Yuvienco (Maisa's youngest and everyone's baby that day, age 4)

Interbatch Reunion Chairperson: Anna Marie Isaac Mariano -- Co-Chair: Cherry Pedro Hsu -- Gracious Host: Grace Dizon Epstein -- Project Presentations: Hospital of the Poor (Ching Llagas); Gifts to the Children (Pediatric Ward of Our Lady of Peace Hospital - Annette Bayot); Featured Film: Paulinian Homecoming 2004 Video

Menu: Mesculin Salad, Pansit Palabok, Chicken Barbecue, Beef in Mushroom Sauce, Pineapple Ham, Spanish Rice, Bacalao Salad, Roasted Chicken. Appetizers: Empanaditas, Siopao, Mexican Dip Dessert: Pitsi-pitsi, Chocolate Roll, Ube Roll, Assorted Italian Pastries (cannoli, etc).

L-R: Cherry, Ms Rombawa, Ching, Annabelle, Diana, Grace, Copper, Maisa and Katrina, Anna Marie and Celina.

From: Anna Isaac '76

Sent: September 15, 2002 9:58 PM

Subject: THANKS for a great time!

Just wanted to thank all who came last Saturday. How very nice it was to see you all.

To the rest who wanted to come, but couldn't, we missed you. But we promise the next one will be just as good if not better. So, we definitely would love to see you at the next one!

It was a blast! Great food, great fun, great "bonding", and great ideas for keeping the East Coast SPCM group well-connected & active. And Grace ... what a lovely place for our first inter-batch get-together. We all can't get over your work of art all over your home. Thanks again for hosting the get-together.

It was, of course, wonderful to have Ms. Julie Rombawa join us in all the fun.

Hark all you beautiful Paulinians ... true from day to day!

Anna Isaac-Mariano

From: Ching Llagas '75

Sent: Mon 9/16/2002 9:04 AM

Subject: RE: THANKS for a great time!

Anna -- thank you so much too for organizing the whole event. The preparation that you've done, logistics and all is top of the class. Thank you, Cherry for co-chairing the event, sending the invite and all. And of course to Grace Dizon aka Martha Stewart of Batch 1976, for being the "grace-ious" host. The food was excellent, it was a typical Filipino fiesta, talo ang thanksgiving! Thank you to Annette Bayot, the gem of gems of Batch 1979 for representing their class and introducing their pet project, the Pediatric Ward of Our Lady of Peace Hospital, the hospital for the poor of Sr. Eva Maamo, SPC. Annette --ang sarap ng ham at ng ube roll! Thank you to all who came all the way from Virginia (Diana Crisostomo Leckie, HS'76), Massachusetts (Annabelle Isaac Quizon, HS '75) and Maisa Enriquez Yuvienco (Connecticut, HS'75). To all the others who weren't able to come, there is definitely going to be another one.

It was so nice to si Ms. Julie Rombawa, we had instructional dancing from hokey pokey to electric slide to the hustle. Si Julie ang leader (take note first name basis na kami ngayon with her). Her bacalao salad was delicious.

Thanks to all. We already have new ideas for the next one.

Ching Llagas-Marbella

From: "Diana Crisostomo '76"

Sent: Monday, September 16, 2002 3:51 PM

Subject: RE: THANKS for a great time!

Dear All,

It has been a long time since I felt real young again! Indeed, the event was successful -- I had a great time from the moment I met Ching at Penn Station till I said good bye to Anna at her house the following morning. My heartfelt thanks to the leadership of Anna, Ching and Grace for making the event a smashing success, and to all those who attended and shared their lives and expertise! Grace, you should fire Martha Stewart and start an interior design empire. Anna, you thought of it all --- from food to entertainment! Ms. Rombawa, I sure will make your bacalao salad in a week or two. Ching and Annette, I truly appreciate your educational presentation and most importantly, your dedication to helping our charitable organizations. By the way, I was really delighted to see Annette -- she happens to be my cousin! Copper, your palabok was beyond heaven (I had three servings!). The last time I saw Annabelle and Maisa was over 20 years ago --you still look the same --- ever young and mahinhin (lalo na Anna's daughter .. mature and feminine)!!!! Celina, I still love your hair. And Katrina, Maisa's 4 year old angel who made me feel guilty for raising my naughty boys! I wouldn't be surprise if she'll turn out to be an American idol.

Thanks for the most wonderful time! Every moment was indeed memorable!


Grace D with the '75 ladies, Katrina, and Ms Rombawa.

From: "Cherry Pedro '76"

Sent: Monday, September 16, 2002 6:47 PM

Subject: Re: THANKS for a great time!

I echo all your sentiments. Thank you Grace for offering your beautiful home. The 6-hour drive back and forth for me was well worth it. Pag-mamahal ko sa iyo and to SPCM.

President Anna, hats off to you. Truly the leader! We're waiting for your next set of directions.

Hopefully, we've planted enough seeds with the affair last Saturday to have a true SPCM HS Alumni Inter-Batch Organization in the US.


Batch 75: Maisa, Annabelle, Ching.

Batch 76 with Ms Rombawa.

Rina '82 and Annette '79 with Grace and Ms Rombawa.

Three Isaac Sisters and Celina.

(Photos courtesy of Ching Llagas and Diana Crisostomo. Thanks!)

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