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Aleli "Lett" Llagas Dayao SPCM HS'65 was honored on 27 Apr 2002 in Washington DC as one of the "2002 Twenty Outstanding Filipino-Americans" in North America. Photos and coverage.

Reunions (many more at the '65 site): Washington DC, 20-22Sep 02 - Garden Grove CA, May 02 - Manila, May '02 - Wash DC, Apr '02-- New York, Mar '02 - Manila, Feb '02 - Manila, Nov '01 - Las Vegas, Nov '01. Coming soon: Bangkok 2003!*

37 years ago -- SPCM High School Class of '65 graduation photo! MIAs.

Recent Reunions

20-22 Sept 2002, SPCM HS'65 Grand Reunion, Washington DC. Highlights included city tours and a retro party-awards night (above). On the first day of their reunion, the '65 ladies -- in tandem with the World Bank/IMF Filipino Association and other area Paulinians -- hosted a fellowship (coordinated by Sol Balda Ilagan) with Sr. Mary Magdalene Torres (SPC Phil. Provincial Superior), Sr. Eva Fidela Maamo (Foundation for Our Lady of Peace Mission President) and Sr. Zeta Rivero (Cebu Perpetual Help Hospital Administrator). SPCM HS'65 unanimously committed to support the project to build a new SPC Vigil House, the home for retired and ailing nuns in Metro Manila. The following were elected '65 Vigil House Project officers: MD's Sol Balda-Ilagan - Pres; VA's Nina Galang-Reynoso - VP, TX's Susan de Jesus-Ongoco - Secretary; and VA's Delia Hernandez-Alladin - Treasurer. More.

May 2002, Lunch at Handaan Restaurant & Catering Service (Philippine Cuisine), 9777 Chapman Ave., Garden Grove CA 92841 (nr Brookhurst, between Katella and Garden Grove Blvd); tel 714-636-8431. L-R: Mildred, Tessie, Irene Dumawal-Alzate (owner) and Ingrid.

May 2002, Manila Despedida.

26 Apr 02. Wash DC Mini Reunion/Planning Session for Sept '02 Grand Reunion. L-R: Marcia, Lena, Sol. Terry, Juliet, Nina, Aleli.

9-10 Mar 02, New York Mini-Reunion/Planning Session for Sept '02 Wash DC Grand Reunion. L-R: Tess, Lani. Beth, Eme, Dolly, Juliet, Sol, Charito, Aleli. Nina, Mildred.

02-02-02, Dusit Makati: Bienvenida for Pinky Salvador. Counter-clockwise: Maria, Cocoi (admiring mags featuring Pinky), Nina, Espie, Dodie, Pinky, Nancy.

Nov 2001, Manila Reunion.

Nov 2001, Las Vegas Reunion.

Lett Llagas-Dayao, Outstanding Filipino-American!

Citation that accompanied Lett's 2002 TWENTY OUTSTANDING FILIPINO-AMERICANS Award:

"Eleventh Annual FILIPINO IMAGE honors and welcomes to the 'CIRCLE OF LEADERS' the 2002 TWENTY OUTSTANDING FILIPINO-AMERICANS (TOFA) in the United States and Canada in recognition of their inspirational and dynamic leadership, and their unwavering support to activities enhancing positive Filipino-American image in the United States and Canada. This 27th day of April 2002 held at J.W. Marriott Hotel, Washington, D.C. USA.

Lett (seated second from the right) with the other TOFA awardees and Ambassador del Rosario (standing fifth from the right) and his wife (seated fourth from the right). Photo was taken during the cocktails for the awardees held at the Philippine Embassy in Washington DC last 26 April 2002.

A Filipina of Community Service in New York

New York was a city badly wounded by the September 11 terrorist attack. It was a city which suffered the most, but it came out of its grief, challenged and determined not to let such an inhumane act affect the everyday life as well as the future of the city. Each and every citizen of New York City as well as people nationwide did their best in contributing to donations and relief efforts. One such citizen is Lett Dayao. She has been very active in community service and fundraising efforts for the betterment of New York as well as that of the Filipino community.

First and foremost with Lett is the promotion of the Filipino values and culture. She was so much involved with the preservation of our culture that she was active in the Philippine Independence Day Committee for several years, from being its Fundraising Committee Chairman in 1997, the Fundraising/Journal Committee Chairman in 1999, to being the Over-all Chairman in 2001. She wants the world to know that her native Philippines is rich culturally. The realization and fulfillment of this dream came when she became the Overall Chairman of the Philippine Independence Day Committee in 2001. The celebration was a glamorous and prestigious affair because of the efforts of PIDC under the leadership of Lett Dayao.

Lett also was the Ecumenical Chairman as well as the VP Chairman of the Diwa Ng Kalayaan in 2000. She was very much into community service and was the Vice President of the Katipunan Lions Club from 1995-1997.

Born in Manila to Catholic parents, Lett was sent to St. Paul's College of Manila for her high school and college education where she finished her Banking and Finance degree. The Paulinian sisters were instrumental in developing in Lett her interest for community service and in joining religious school organizations like the Student Catholic Action, the Paulinian Mission Band and the Paulinian Mission Group. Even after her schooldays, she continued being part of religious activities. She was very active in Our Lord of Pardon from 1982-1996 and became the Fundraising Chairman of Our Lady of Peace Movement in 2001.

Currently, she is working for the Italian Trade Commission in New York as its Special Events Coordinator. But Lett's very hectic schedule does not hinder her from continuing doing what she loves most - doing community work for the benefit of the needy and the advancement of the Filipino image and culture."

20 Filipino American 'Achievers' To Receive Awards (excerpts)

By Mercedes Tira Andrei, "Asian Fortune" Washington Correspondent

(Source: http://www.asianfortune.com/apr02/Filipino%20achievers.htm )

WASHINGTON-Twenty Filipino Americans will receive the "Outstanding Filipino American Award" for 2002, a 12-year-old accolade embracing the spectrum and diversity of Filipino achievement in the United States, its territories and Canada.

Formally known as the "Twenty Outstanding Filipino American Award," or TOFA, the recognition has raised the profiles of Filipino "high achievers" in America and concentrated its focus on Filipino Americans who have contributed positively and given back to the community.

This year's crop of awardees will be honored on April 27, 2002 during a gala ball and banquet to be held at the JW Marriott in downtown Washington. Philippine Ambassador Albert F. Del Rosario and Nonoy Mendoza, founder of the TOFA project, are expected to grace the event and lead the award presentation.

The 2002 Outstanding Filipino American awardees are: Resty Taruc of Winnipeg, Canada; Robert de Guzman of Montreal, Canada; Nestor Sabundayo of Baltimore, Maryland; Edna Gan of Timonium, Maryland; Joey Camiso of Bowie, Maryland; Rey Pascua of Chicago, Illinois; Coring Padilla of Virginia Beach, Virginia; Dr Rolando Sineneng of Dayton, Ohio; Van Gerard Dichoso of Los Angeles, California; Lett Dayao of New York, New York; Luis Tan of Phoenix, Arizona; Judge Artemio Baxa of Maui, Hawaii; Mila Ruiz Tecala, of Washington, DC; Elma Laredo of San Francisco, California; Winston Magno of New Haven, Connecticut; Nonong Bautista of Wyoming, Delaware; Lottie Buhain of Annandale, Virginia: Carmen Flores of New York, New York; Percy Pascua of Topeka, Kansas and Hawaii State Senate President Robert Bunda of Honolulu, Hawaii.

"The TOFA project has been successful year after year since its founding in 1990," said Mr. Mendoza, editor-publisher of the FIL-AM IMAGE, a magazine based in the nation's capital that extol the good works of Filipinos in the United States.

The magazine became the launching vehicle and permanent sponsor of the search for awardees, he said, adding that when the TOFA was started "there was hardly any honors project deliberately focusing on Filipinos in the States and Canada."

Today, there are others including a recently-launched one in the West Coast sponsored by a Filipino magazine.

A Spirit of Faith

The TOFA has now grown to become "a well-respected and highly visible project endorsed by Filipinos from the US and Canada", he (Mr Mendoza) said in an interview. Even the Philippine Embassy in Washington "wants to be associated with it," he added.

This year, after 12 years, "we now have 220 achievers who are acknowledged in their own fields of endeavors and their own communities," he said. "There's a growing constituency of Filipino achievers whom we have recognized and celebrated. They now have formed a unique network of Filipino Americans and they call themselves the 'Circle of Filipino American Leaders'."

"It's the only one of its kind in the United States and Canada," said David Guillermo of Los Angeles, a businessman, political and community leader, one of the first awardees. The TOFA project has become a "Who's Who" among Filipinos in North America, making one proud to be a Filipino."

It has become a Filipino American institution and the only celebration of its own kind in the nation's capital where the accolade is a coin of the realm.

Most Wanted Paulinians: Batch MIAs

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