August Happenings


San Francisco


Get-together sa Manor!

10 Aug 2002, SPCM HS'75 Reunion, Manila Manor Hotel

Clockwise (from back, left): Kuka Antonio, Dettie Tesoro, Myrns Soriente, Mona Albar, Alice Dizon, Sunny Escareal, Gina Pedro, Winifred Medina, Lia Jovellanos, Ditas Santos, Pinky Marquez, Janette San Juan, Malu Lontok, Malu Santos, Zamby Arnaiz, Beth Martin, Dada Paz, Yeyette Hernandez, Beth Bellido.

From: "Sunny E Velasco"

Date: Tue Aug 13, 2002 7:40 pm

In attendance: Zamby Arnaiz, Pinky Marquez, Dada Paz, Lia Jovelanos, Beth Martin, Malu Santos, Dolly & Dettie Tesoro, Janette San Juan, Myrna Soriente, Kuka Antonio, Beth Bellido, Gina Pedro, Mona Albar, Yeyet Hernandez, Alice Dizon, Joyce Tiosecp, Malu Lontok, Ditas Santos, Florian Nuval, Daisy Santillan, Winifred Medina and moi, Sunny. 23 all in all. Plus ang boypren ng batch (according to Mae) - Kiko Velasco, and husband ng batch - Dave Froelich, and the kids of Yeyet, Alice and Kuka. Susan Dizon '68 and hubby, Effy Laureola (Kiko's cousin) also joined us. Later in the afternoon, Mona's two eldest sons, Jeston and JV also joined us and we even danced with them (they are D.I.s on the side).

Well, started with lunch courtesy of Alice Dizon. Collected P200 each and the food lasted until.... 12 midnight. After the chika and kain, I brought out the newest craze - the magic videokephone. and that's why we stayed until midnight. Even DAve and Kiko joined the fun. Kiko sang a duet with Malu S while Dave really started rocking and a rolling. Will send the pictures as soon as they are developed.

You know what - during the preparations for our homecoming, my mind was razor-sharp. I could remember all the stories that we shared during the meetings and get-togethers. Sad to say, it's no longer the same now. I have difficulty remembering the jokes, laughs and stories. The only one I could remember was Beth's story that her son got caught loitering in campus when he should be in bed. Ang comment niya - "Bakit ka nag-pahuli, anak. Hindi ka mana sa nanay mo."

Would you believe everyone's looking forward to our Golden Anniversary? The target is to remain as crazy and as young looking even when we get to 67. So I asked Dave, how old will you be? But I told him that, just like the rest of us, he is not allowed to grow old. Ano yan? Peter Pan? Talks about Golden Girls and retirement and mga sakit-sakit sa katawan and instead of getting depressed - naghahalakhakan pa rin.

Anwyay, I really wish you could have been there. Long time na since I called a reunion. Was still happy with the turn-out considering short notice and ang daming may sakit. Tejie and Corby were down. Doris had an emergency errand. It was Linda Cruz' son's bday. Isabel Valdes, however, was a no show. Mina Florentino had an appendectomy. Laurie Manalo was working the whole day. Tawie - ano nga ba stroya ni Tawie - basta - hindi siya makakapunta. Evelyn did not even call but I did talk to Shirley. Ludgie was leaving for Malaysia the next day. Malen did not reply also. Pita had a wedding to attend. Alice C had painting classes and Marisa Martinez/Beth Reyes watched the UAAP games which BTW, La Salle won over Ateneo. So all in all, it was a pretty good day for me.

O sigue - matutulog muna ako ha? See you all again next time.


Bay Area Mini Reunions

San Francisco CA

From: "Mae Cendana"

Date: Wed Aug 21, 2002 12:53 am

Hi Classmates,

We, BABES, had our own Batch 75 mini-reunions last week:

Sunday, August 11 - Las Vegas Showgirl Ann Arellano visited with her family from August 11 to 13. Louella, Erika, Ann and I were at Erika's South San Francisco "immigration station" to meet the Madrids.

Wednesday, August 14 - Switzerland's Chona Matoza was also in town with beau, Bruno. Pita's Lisa, Erika and I had barbeque at Chona's new house in Hercules. Chona looked great for someone who just had a horrifying bout with chicken pox and pneumonia!

Friday, August 16 - New York Peach Mitzi and husband, Bobby, joined Bobby's fraternity on a weekend reunion in the Bay Area. Erika and I met with the couple and their friends at the Woodfin Hotel in Emeryville where most of the festivities were held. Mitzi also met with Cecile Lozada on Thursday, August 15.

Mitzi, Chona and Erika took pictures. They should be ready soon.

Miss U all!


Komen Race for the Cure

11 Aug 2002. Colorado

Gigi and family participated in the annual Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure / breast cancer awareness run in memory of our SPCM HS'75 batchmate, Ana Pacia. As in 2000 and 2001, their tags had Ana's name on them.

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